01.11.2016 09:28

Your place, your space, your future

Our promotion campaign is based on 3 main messages: location of our University in an attractive, unique and flourishing city of Katowice, international and multicultural character of our institution, and great employability prospects and career opportunities for our graduates.

Your place, your space, your future
your place your space your future

The heart of the University beats in the capital of Poland's second-largest metropolitan area – Silesia, a region with great academic and business potential, full of positive energy, vibrant with ethnic, cultural and tourist diversity. Katowice, a truly unique city, enjoys the reputation of one of the most attractive development hotspots in Central Europe. As a city of sports and culture, it makes an ideal place for studying, living and having fun.

In the global village of today’s world, our University strives for international presence and academic excellence. Our degree programmes in English attract a growing number of international students who forge friendships across borders and cultures. We offer exchange programmes and internships in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Start a new adventure with us. Step up to the world @ UEKatowice.

Our educational offer and lifelong learning programmes make an appealing proposition for students of all ages. Our courses, designed to strike a perfect balance between academic knowledge and practical skills, and professional career services ensure the high employability of our graduates. We encourage our Polish and foreign alumni to stay in touch with us by engaging them in on-campus and social media activities. Proud to prepare today's managers for tomorrow's challenges, we offer you the key to your future career.