The admission process for foreign candidates

Master Degree Admission Process

Log in to the application system, choose the study program you are interested in and complete the application  form.  

Master Degree Admission Process

Scan the following documents:

Master Degree Admission Process

Send the scanned documents to the following address: 

Master Degree Admission Process

When the documents are verified positively, you will be notified of the need to pay the tuition fee for the first semester. When the account of the University is credited with the payment, you will receive a acceptance letter from us that may be attached to the visa application.

Master Degree Admission Process

Deliver the originals of the required documents to the Admissions Office within the set dates.

The precise date of the admission process for the winter semester 2020/2021 will be published soon.

On the basis of a positive decision of the Rector, a certificate of initial admission (letter of acceptance) to the studies is issued provided that the tuition fee is paid. When the account of the University is credited with the payment, a valid acceptance letter will be issued, and the candidate may attach it to the visa application.

Before starting the studies, all original documents sent by e-mail, a document confirming insurance and a copy of a visa or other document entitling you to stay within the territory of the Republic of Poland must be delivered to the Admissions Office.

Information on the status of candidates in the IRK system

Status: Accepted

Candidates who have received the information on acceptance to postgraduate studies will be informed about issues relating to payment, signing of the contract, procedure relating to co-financing and schedule of activities at a later date. This information will be sent well in advance of the commencement of classes by specific College.

Status: Candidate 

A candidate is registered in the system for the chosen study program, but has not submitted any documents.

Status: Pre-Accepted

Applies to candidates who have submitted documents and performed all the necessary formalities. The decision to start the chosen study program has not been made by the Faculty Dean yet. You will be informed via e-mail on starting the study program.

Status: Not Accepted with the Description 'no study program/specialization created'

The status applies to candidates to study program that will not be started in a given academic year. There is a possibility to sign up for another, created study program. Details will be sent via email by the University.

Information for accepted candidates

Detailed information on issues relating to payment, signing the contract, schedule of classes etc. will be sent to you. We also encourage you to activate your account in the Virtual University.