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The Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO) was established in 1994 year. Society include professionals involved in market research who work in research companies and clients ordering such research. In July 2015 the number of members was 317 people. PTBRiO task is to represent the interests of market researchers to public institutions and authorities of Poland and the promotion and dissemination of information related to market and opinion research. The Society is also involved in organizing cooperation and information exchange in the market and opinion researchers’ community. Efforts are undertaken to comply with the methodological standards and ethics of the researcher profession. Every year the Society prepares reports on market research in Poland at the request and in accordance with the standards of ESOMAR. It organizes trainings, seminars and conferences and the annual Congress of Market and Opinion Researchers.

The Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers, Department of Markets and Consumption
University of Economics in Katowice
Wed, Feb 18, 2015 , all-day