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Consumer and household in the space of trade and services

The fifth conference in the series will be a continuation of meetings and discussions on the problems of the modern consumer - this time in the sphere of trade and services.

The main plenary session will concentrate on trends and megatrends in consumer behaviour. Further discussion will be conducted in thematic sessions:

  • The consumer in the sphere of trade and services
  • Innovations in trade and services
  • Changes in the in the space of trade and services
  • Virtualization and social media in consumer buying behaviour

Panel discussions will concern the current state and directions of development of trade and services in Poland and Europe as well as virtualization of trade and services from consumer and enterprise perspective.

Further debate will take place during the workshops on trade and services of the future and dilemmas and challenges for research of trade and services

Department of Markets and Consumption
Wed, Sep 16, 2015 , all-day