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Scientific conference “Market Challenges from the Perspective of an Enterprise and a Consumer”

The conference “Challenges_2015” is organized by Market and Marketing Research Division and covers broad management issues connected with behaviour of market entities. The conference is chaired by prof. Maciej Mitręga.

The conference participants will present papers and discuss issues that take place nowadays in relationships between an organization and its environment (e.g. CRM/SRM, supply chain management), market environment phenomena (e.g. consumer behaviour trends) and business strategies/routines oriented at handling environment (e.g. marketing strategies, supply chain strategies, marketing research techniques and tools).

Additionally, the conference will cover presentations and a workshops dedicated to publishing in top-tier international papers with impact factor. Thus, the conference will also help junior scholars to develop their research skills and discuss some barriers connected with publishing in foreign journals.

Department of Marketing and Market Research
University of Economics in Katowice
Mon, Sep 21, 2015 , all-day