Majors and specialisations in Polish


  • Distribution and Sales in Domestic and International Markets
  • Domestic and International Business Communication
  • Domestic and International Shipping and Forwarding
  • Economics of Employment and Unemployment
  • Human Resources Administration
  • International Commerce
  • International Economic Relations and Global Problems
  • Management of Local and Regional Projects
  • Managerial Economics
  • Market Analyst
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate Administration and Public Services
  • Social Policy
  • Urban and Regional Economics

Spatial Economics

  • Environmental and Spatial Economics
  • Spatial Planning and Real Estate Economics
  • Urban and Regional Studies

International Economic Relations

  • International Business Management International Business

Economy and Public Management

  • Analysis of social and economic problems
  • Organisational Public Relations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies (CSR Strategies)
  • Public Security Management
  • Strategic Management in Public and Social Non-profit Organisations
  • Public and Social Organisation Management
  • Human Resources Management in Public Administration


  • Transport and logistics telematics
  • Transport in Logistic Systems

Entrepreneurship and Finance