FAQ for foreign exchange students

1. When will the registration system be open?
6 May for winter semester registration, 15 October for spring semester.

2. What are the semester dates?
Please check the academic calendar.

3. When will I receive my acceptance letter?
Acceptance letters are sent after the application deadline, when all students have registered and we have received the scans of your signed and stamped documents.

4. Will I receive the acceptance letter to my home address?
No, the letter will be sent to your exchange coordinator.

5. I need to change some information in my online registration form, how should I do it?
Log into your account with the password you created on registration, and change the information in “Your data” section.

6. Do I have to select only courses in my level of study (Bachelor’s or Master’s)?
You can select any courses from our Euroclasses offer, as long as they are approved by your home coordinator.

7. Do you guarantee dormitory places for exchange students?
Unfortunately not – we have some places available for exchange students but there may not be enough for everyone so please apply early to ensure a place. Likewise, we cannot guarantee that your double or triple room preferences will be accommodated but we will do our best.

8. How can I make the dormitory booking?
During registration in the online application form.

9. When will I have the dormitory booking confirmation?
After the application deadline, we will contact all students and send the dormitory information.

10. Can I have a single room at the dormitory?
No, only double or triple rooms are available.

11. How should I pay the dormitory deposit?
We will send you the bank account details after the application deadline.

12. Can I pay the dormitory deposit by Western Union transfer?
No, it must be paid into the university’s bank account.

13. I applied for a place at the dormitory but I did not get it. What should I do?
You should look for private accommodation. If a student gives up a place, we offer it to the next person on the dormitory waiting list so there is a chance you will get a place, however we cannot guarantee that and you should make sure you have a place to stay.

14. Who will be my roommate?
You can get this information from your student mentor – the ESN will have the dormitory resident list about a month before the semester starts.

15. Will there be a student buddy/mentor to help me settle?
Yes, our ESN organization helps incoming students and you will have your ESN mentor to look after you.

16. How can I get in touch with my student mentor?
Your mentor will contact you a few weeks before the semester starts – please bear in mind that the mentors are students like you and they can be on holiday.

17. Can I leave the dormitory during the semester and move into a flat?
Yes, you can leave the dormitory by giving at least three days’ written notice before:
a) the 15th day of the given month
b) the end of the month.