Two seminars will be held as part of the Conference!


 Seminar I

"How to effectively prepare an application for a research grant (substantive part")?  

The aim of the seminar will be to present how to effectively prepare an application for a research grant, in particular financed under the competitions of the National Science Center. Seminar participants will receive an answer, among others to the following questions:

  • What should be the scientific achievements of the project manager (and possibly the research supervisor) in order to have a chance to obtain a grant and what to pay attention to when presenting the achievements?
  • How to prepare a research project so that its substantive description will convince experts and reviewers - what do the evaluators pay the most attention to?
  • What mistakes should be avoided and what should be emphasized to increase the chances of receiving financing?

The meeting will be chaired by: Professor Katarzyna Czernek-Marszałek, Ph.D., head, contractor, expert and reviewer of projects financed by the National Science Center; author of several publications in journals from the JCR list (Journal Citation Reports); winner of international and national awards for scientific work, including the award of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union for her doctoral dissertation and the Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding young scientists.


Seminar II

"From student to Ph.D. What does it mean to be a young scientist today?"

The seminar is aimed primarily at people who are just starting their adventure with the academic world. It will be devoted to an attempt to answer the question of how modern science is practiced and how to plan your own scientific career. The following issues will be discussed during the seminar:

  • What is worth knowing before deciding on a scientific career? What are the stages of a scientific career? What personal development strategies should you adopt?
  • How to find yourself in the maze of priorities? How to identify what is really important to your research career?
  • Is it possible to effectively combine research, publication, didactic and organizational work? Why is applying for grants and international cooperation so important?
  • Is it possible to achieve a healthy work-life balance in a scientist's life?

The meeting will be chaired by: Professor Sławomir Czech, Ph.D., manager of grants financed by the National Science Center and the International Visegrad Fund, author of international publications (including the so-called Philadelphia list), participant of numerous international conferences, co-founder of the scientific association Forum of Institutional Thought.