University of Economics in Katowice does not own any housing facilities or dormitories. However, admission staff can assist a candidate in finding accommodation across the city. We are working on updating the database of local householders and accommodation agencies. All new information will be posted as soon as possible on the University's website.

Below you will find some links to offers on popular platforms that can help you find accommodation.

Internet platforms

Cost of accommodation in Katowice

Types of rooms and flats

Average prices per month

Average utility bills per month

Single room

650 PLN

140 PLN

One place in a twin room

475 PLN

115 PLN

Studio flat

1 300 PLN

215 PLN

Two-roomed flat

1 700 PLN

300 PLN

Three-roomed flat

2 050 PLN

375 PLN

Four-roomed flat  

2 500 PLN

500 PLN

Please note that flats' owners usually reserve the right to charge the security deposit.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us: