FAQ for exchange students


FAQ concerning winter semster 2020/21


 1. Has UE Katowice university decided to cancel the inbound exchange program? 

No. Our university had decided to accept students for winter semester 2020/21. 

2. Can 2020/21 winter semester students postpone their mobility to spring semester 2021? Does the sending institution receive additional slots for 2021 spring semester?

Students can postpone their mobility to the spring semester but the sending university will not have the possibility to send more students than the number agreed in the bilateral agreement.

3. Do you plan to offer on-campus courses for the winter semester?

Yes. UE Katowice is planning to provide on-campus classes.

4. If the situation gets worse and there will be new restrictions due to the spread of coronavirus, will you cancel the inbound mobility?

No. When the situation gets worse and there will be new restrictions imposed on the university we will offer online or blended mobility for exchange students.

5. If you offer online classes next semester, will you allow exchange students to join the program online from their home country?

We still do not know if such solution will be possible and respected by the Erasmus+ programme.

6. Do you plan to offer a mix of remote and on-campus classes?

Yes. It depends on the government’s regulations. We will adjust the semester accordingly.

7. What measures will be implemented at the university taking into consideration the healthy/ sanitary aspects?

We still do not know which sanitary preventive measures will be required in September/ October 2020. We will do our best to make our university a safe place.

8. Is UE Katowice planning to organize the Orientation Days?

Due to the uncertainty of the CoVid-19 situation we still do not exactly know what will the Orientation Day look like. Probably we will organize it on the 1st or 2nd day of October 2020 in the form of small group meetings with official welcoming, registration and presentation on the most important issues related to students’ stay at UE Katowice. We will provide more details of the programme in September 2020.


FAQ for exchange students


1. What is the situation like at UE Katowice in relation with pandemics of CoVID-19?

Following the decision of Polish government and Rector of the University of Economics in Katowice, in order to reduce the spread of infections caused by coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, all lectures and classes for students and other forms of education organized by the University are provided online till the end of the academic year 2019/2020. 

2. If, due to the pandemics of CoVId-19, I want to come back home, what should I do?

Concerning coming back home, we suggest students that it is their individual decision. If students decide to end their stay at UE Katowice they should contact their home coordinator in order to ask about the procedures and financial aspect of resigning from the Erasmus+ grant/ their stay at UE Katowice. Students should inform our International Relations and the Dean's Office about the exact date of their departure from Katowice. Also we need information if they want to continue their studies online at UE Katowice till the end of semester and if they terminate the contact with the dormitory. 

3. Can I continue my studies at UE Katowice till the end of summer semester 2020?

Exchange students can continue classes online at the University of Economics in Katowice till the end of summer semester 2020, even from their home country. At the end of the semester we will certify that you have studied the whole semester at our university, taking into consideration your actual stay in Katowice plus the period of your studies online. 

4. I do not feel well and have observed some symptoms typical for CoVID-19, what should I do?

In case of symptoms typical for CoVID-19 students shall call Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice ( +48 32 351 23 00) or go directly to the infectious disease unit in hospital Szpital Specjalistyczny w Chorzowie (address: ul. Zjednoczenia 10, 41-500 Chorzów, +48 32 34 63 650).

5. Where can I find the latest information concerning situation related to CoVID-19?

You can check the current updates and information for international students on portal "UE Katowice in the age of coronavirus".  

6. How can I become an exchange student at UE Katowice?

You have to be selected by your Home University and nominated by your Home Coordinator to UEK International Relations.

7. Which level of English is required? Do I need to have an official certificate?

All exchange students must have B2 level of their English. We do not require any official language certificate, like FCE, CAE, TOEFL or IELTS, but your English level must be confirmed by your home univeristy on the application form. We trust our partner universities to select students with B2 level of English so that they can follow the classes for exchange students at our university.

8. How can I register for the exchange at UE Katowice?

After being nominated you will receive an e-mail with a personal password with which you will be able to enter the system and register yourself.

9. What are the semester dates?

Please check the academic calendar.

10. When and how I will receive my Acceptance Letter?

Acceptance Letters will be uploaded in the system after the application deadline when all students have registered and uploaded the required signed and stamped documents.

You will receive your Acceptance Letter only when both International Relations and the Coordinator at the School of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies accept you in the system (status “accepted”).

11. Will I receive the acceptance letter  by post to my home address?

Only on your request sent via e-mail.

12. I need to change some information in my online registration form. How should I do it?

Log into your account with the password you got in the e-mail and edit the information on your profile.

13. Do I have to select only courses in my level of study (Bachelor’s or Master’s)?

You can select any courses from our offer as long as they are approved by your Home Coordinator.

14. I have questions concerning the subjects available and the timetable. Who should I contact?

All matters which concern the subjects, changes to the Learning Agreement, number of ECTS, etc., should be addressed to the Coordinator at the School of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies (see the section Contact).

15. I am a winter semester exchange student and I would like to extend my stay at UE Katowice for the summer semester. What does the procedure look like? What should I do?

The deadline is 26 of October. After this date you cannot extend your stay. You need to get the approval of your home university and UEK and have the Learning Agreement for the next semester signed and stamped before the end of the application for the summer semester, which is till the 26 of October.

16. Does the University of Economics in Katowice offer accommodation in the university dormitories?

Unfortunately university dormitories are closed from the academic year 2019/2020.

17. Will there be a student mentor to support me?

Yes. Approximately one month before your arrival you will receive a mentor to help you with everyday matters and especially upon your arrival in Katowice (you will see his/her contact details in the online application system).