Study offer for the summer semester 2022/2023

If you need to modify your Learning Agreement following those updates, you can do it any time until March 5, 2023.

Whenever you change your subjects, please, make sure that you always update your list of subjects in both, the SRS 2022 aplication system ( under subjects), and the Learning Agreement.


Dear Students

Below you will find our subjects on offer in the summer semester 2023. Please, note some of them may need to be removed from the list at a later date due to insufficient enrollment.

Subjects that depend on the size of enrollment have been marked as "Confirm to open", their final verification will take place after the exchange applications procedure for summer semester students in November 2022. This page will be updated accordingly.

If a subject is marked with 'Yes' in the "Confirm to open" column, it means it's been already confirmed to open in February 2023. If it is marked with 'no', it means it's not yet been confirmed to open in February. 



CodeLevelSubject nameConfirm to openTeacher/sHoursECTS
SEB01BachelorAdvertising Strategyyesdr Mirosława Malinowska305
SEB03BachelorCompetition Strategyyesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka, prof. UE305
SEB05BachelorDevelopment Economicsyesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka, prof. UE, dr hab. Julia Włodarczyk, prof. UE305
SEB06 BachelorEconomic Systemsyesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka, prof. UE305
SFAB07BachelorCompetitive Strategies in Businessyesdr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE454
SFAB20BachelorBusiness Lawyesdr hab. Marzena Czarnecka, prof. UE, mgr Wojciech Osowski455
SFB06BachelorModern Banking and Financial Markets yesdr Aleksandra Nocoń305
SIBB11BachelorInternational Customer Protection Standardsyesdr hab. Aleksandra Burgiel-Szewc, prof.UE142
SIBB12BachelorInternationalization Theoriesyesdr hab. Monika Sulimowska-Formowicz, prof. UE284
SIBB13BachelorManagement of European Union Fundsyesdr hab. Małgorzata Dziembała, prof. UE284
SIBB15BachelorInternational Business Strategy for CEE Marketsyesdr hab. Monika Sulimowska-Formowicz, prof. UE, prof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc284
SIBB16BachelorInternational Business Strategy for Emerging Marketsyesprof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc,284
SIBB17BachelorInternational Quality Standardsyesdr Dominika Kołodziej142
SICB01BachelorBranding Strategiesyesdr Anna Dewalska-Opitek305
SICB02BachelorCross-Cultural Communicationyesdr Olgierd Witczak305
SICB03BachelorInnovation Managementyesdr hab. Jerzy Michnik, prof. UE305
SELB01BachelorSocial Media Marketingyesdr hab. Maria Mach-Król, prof. UE153
SELB02BachelorCorporate Economical Analysisyesdr Adam Janiszewski153
SELB03BachelorCreativity and Entrepreneurship in Organizationsyesdr hab. Tomasz Ingram, prof. UE153
SELB04BachelorQuality of Life-Economic, Social and Subjective Indicatorsyesdr hab. Anna Sączewska-Piotrowska, prof. UE153
SELB05BachelorFundamentals of Marketing Researchyesprof. dr hab. Maciej Mitręga153
SELB06BachelorBusiness Negotiationsyesprof. dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek153
SMB02BachelorCustomer Behavioryesprof. dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek153
SMB04BachelorManagement Accountingyesdr Dagmara Wójcik153
SMB05BachelorInternational Marketing  yesdr Paulina Żmijowska153
SEC05Mastere-Consumer Behavioryesdr hab. Jolanta Zrałek, prof. UE153
SEC07MasterData Analysis with Qlik (asynchronous learning)yesmgr Bartłomiej Hadasik152
SEC08MasterSales Management on the Internet (asynchronous learning)yesdr hab. Michał Kucia152
SICM01MasterBusiness Developmentyesdr Anna Dewalska-Opitek305
SICM04MasterProject Managementyesdr hab. inż. Krzysztof Targiel, prof. UE305
SELM01MasterSmart Cityyesdr Artur Ochojski153
SELM02MasterGamification in HRMyesdr hab. Alicja Winnicka-Wejs, prof. UE153
SELM03MasterLimitations and Applications of Machine Learning Methodsyesdr Tomasz Jach153
SELM04MasterInternational Human Resource Managementyesdr Milena Gojny-Zbierowska153
SMM04MasterSupply Chain Managementyesprof. dr hab. Artur Świerczek153
SFPLB+MPolish language course (available to students who haven't taken Polish WFPL)yesmgr Sylwia Maj-Moskalik455
SFEB+MEnglish language course (B2,C1)yesForeign Language Centre303



Additional Offer with Limited Entry - individual enrollment required

How to enroll in limited entry subjects

Due to the limited number of places available in the subjects that are part of the International Business degree program and of the Master Studies Quantitative Asset and Risk Management ARIMA program below, exchange students who would like to enroll in any of these must obtain individual permission. Permission is not required for exchange students of the ARIMA double degree program from one of our four partner universities.

Please, e-mail your request to the Exchange Students Coordinator Ms. Małgorzata Łyczek

Once you have our permission, remember to add the subject/s to your Learning Agreement. 

NOTE: Due to the restricted entry, these subjects are not listed in the online application system through which you apply to study at our university. In order to add any of them to the Learning Agreement, please, type them in or write by hand clearly.

Limited entry subjects - summer semester 2022/23

CodeLevelSubject nameConfirm to openTeacher/sHoursECTS
SFAB01BachelorAccounting for Businessyesdr hab. Andrzej Piosik, prof. UE605
SFAB02BachelorBusiness Statistics (cannot be taken if Business Statistics WIBB02 was taken in winter semester)    yesdr inż. Anna Sroczyńska-Baron605
SFAB04BachelorCapital Budgetingyesdr hab. Monika Foltyn-Zarychta, prof. UE, dr Rafał Buła  456
SFAB06BachelorFinancial Reporting and Analysisyesdr hab. Ewa Wanda Maruszewska, prof.UE, dr Anna Karmańska757
SFAB18BachelorFinancial Institutions (available to students who haven't taken WFAB09 Financial Institutions)  yesdr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE, dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE, dr Aleksandra  Nocoń 757
SFAB19BachelorICT for Finance and Accountingyesdr Monika Eisenbardt454
SFAB21BachelorCapital Markets Financingyesdr Maciej Baranowski454
SIBB07BachelorBusiness Information Technologyyesdr hab. Artur Strzelecki, prof. UE284
SIBB08BachelorEuropean Business Lawyesdr hab. Marzena Czarnecka, prof. UE284
SIBB09BachelorInternational Marketing in Europeyesmgr Magdalena Grochal-Brejdak425
SIBB14BachelorInternational Business Negotiationsyesdr Hanna Kelm284
SIBM01MasterBusiness Forecastingyesdr hab. Jan Acedański, prof. UE565
SIBM02MasterBusiness Information Systemsyesdr hab. inż. Anna Sołtysik-Piorunkiewicz, prof. UE, dr Maria Rizun283
SIBM03MasterGlobal Financial Marketsyesdr hab. Bozena Frączek, prof. UE284
SIBM04MasterGlobal Marketingyesmgr Magdalena Grochal-Brejdak 284
SIBM05MasterInternational Business Lawyesdr hab. Marzena Czarnecka, prof. UE284
SAR01MasterMeasurement of Credit Riskyesdr inż. Tomasz Zieliński, prof. UE304
SAR02MasterMeasurement of Life Riskyesdr Tadeusz Czernik303
SAR03MasterMeasurement of Market Riskyesdr hab.inż. Krzysztof Targiel, prof. UE, dr Daniel Iskra304
SAR04MasterAdvanced Issues in Corporate Finaceyesdr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE, dr hab. Artur Walasik, prof. UE456
SM4.3MasterMeasurement of Non-Life Riskyesdr inż. Tomasz Szkutnik152
SM5.1MasterIntroduction to Asset Managementyesmgr Mateusz Dzicher152
SM5.2MasterAsset Class IR Productsyesdr hab. Ewa Dziwok, prof. UE152
SM5.3MasterAsset Class Equityyesmgr Mateusz Dzicher152
SM5.4MasterAsset Class Credit Productsyesdr inż. Tomasz Zieliński, prof. UE152
SM5.5MasterAsset Class Foreign Exchangeyesmgr Mateusz Dzicher151
SM5.6`MasterAlternative Investmentsyesdr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE152
SM5.7MasterStructured Productsyesdr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala, prof. UE, dr hab. Bożena Frączek, prof. UE152
SM6.1MasterFinacial Reporting Standardsyes dr hab. Ewa Wanda Maruszewska, prof. UE302
SM6.2MasterResearch Seminaryesdr hab. Ewa Dziwok, prof. UE152
SM10.1MasterAdvanced Topicsyesdr hab. Ewa Dziwok, prof. UE, dr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, prof. UE456