Study offer for the winter semester 2020/2021


Below you will find all subjects on offer in the winter semester. Please, note some of them may need to be removed from the offer at a later date due to insufficient enrollment.

Subjects that depend on the size of enrollment have been marked as 'Elective'. First verification of electives will take place after the exchange applications procedure around mid June. Second - after the regular applications procedure in late September. This page will be updated accordingly. 

If you need to modify your Learning Agreement following those updates, you can do it at any time until October 15th, 2020.

The class schedule will be available towards the end of September. 

Whenever you change your subjects, make sure that you always update your list of subjects in both, the SRS 2020 application system (under 'Subjects'), and the Learning Agreement.

When updating your agreement, use the 'Documents' section in the SRS to upload your changed LA for our approval and signature. Do not send your LA by email.


Code Level Subject name ElectiveTeacher/s Hours ECTS
WEB01 Bachelor Business Communications  yesdr Mirosława Malinowska 30 5
WEB03 Bachelor Competition Strategy yesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka 30 5
WEB05 Bachelor Development Economics yesdr Julia Włodarczyk, dr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka30 5
WEB06 Bachelor Doing Business in Emerging Markets yesdr Joanna Kos-Łabędowicz 15 3
WEB08 Bachelor E-Commerce yesdr hab. Michał Kucia 15 3
WEB09 Bachelor Economic Systems yesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka 30 5
WEB11 Bachelor Leadership skills training: Leader’s toolkit yesdr Hanna Kelm 30 5
WEB13 Bachelor Public Relations yesdr hab. Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska 30 5
WEB14 Bachelor Real Estate Economics and Valuation yesdr Adam Polko 30 5
WEB15 Bachelor Economic Policy yesdr Sylwia Słupik 30 5
WEB16 Bachelor Economic Geography yesprof. dr hab. Krystian Heffner 30 5
WEB17 Bachelor EU Regional Policy yesprof. dr hab. Krystian Heffner 15 3
WFAB01 Bachelor Business Ethics yesdr hab. Anna Adamus-Matuszyńska 30 3
WFAB02 Bachelor Financial Institutions nodr hab. Monika Klimontowicz, dr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala 75 6
WFAB03 Bachelor ICT for Finance and Accounting nodr Monika Eisenbardt 45 4
WFAB05 Bachelor Quantitative Methods for Finance and Accounting yesprof. UE dr hab. Ewa Dziwok, dr inż. Anna Sroczyńska-Baron 75 8
WFAB06 Bachelor Tax Planning nodr Jolanta Gałuszka 45 4
WFAB07 Bachelor Global Finance nodr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój, dr hab. Bożena Frączek 30 3
WFAB08 Bachelor Business Management  yesdr Bartłomiej Gabryś 30 3
WFAB09 Bachelor Economics yesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka, dr Julia Włodarczyk 75 8
WFAB10 Bachelor Communication and Presentation Skills yesdr Monika Klimontowicz 45 4
WFAB11 Bachelor Methods of Financial Market Analysis nodr hab. Monika Foltyn-Zarychta, dr Piotr Dąbrowski 60 5
WFAB12 Bachelor Equity and Debt Financing in Capital Markets nodr Maciej Baranowski 45 4
WFAB13 Bachelor Econometric Models and Forecasting  nodr Stanisław Barczak 60 6
WFAB14 Bachelor Finance for Public Sector  nodr Anna Doś 45 5
WFAB15 Bachelor Financial Accounting  nodr Anna Kuzior 75 7
WFAB16 Bachelor Setting up a Business nodr hab. Marzena Czarnecka 15 3
WFAB18 Bachelor Investors Behavior in Financial Markets nodr hab. Bożena Frączek 15 3
WFB02 Bachelor Financial Analysis yesdr hab. Joanna Błach, prof. UE dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala 30 5
WFB04 Bachelor Global Monetary Policy yesTBA 30 5
WFB05 Bachelor International Finance yesdr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój 30 5
WFB06 Bachelor Investment Banking yesTBA 30 5
WFB07 Bachelor Modern Banking and Financial Markets yesdr Łukasz Szewczyk 30 5
WIBB09 Bachelor International Consumption Comparisons noprof. UE dr hab. Aleksandra Burgiel 28 4
WIBB10 Bachelor International Financial Reporting Standards nodr Anna Kuzior 14 2
WIBB11 Bachelor International Intellectual Property Protection Law nodr hab. Marzena Czarnecka 14 2
WIBB12 Bachelor International Marketing in Services noprof. UE dr hab. Justyna Matysiewicz 28 4
WIBB13 Bachelor International Tourism noprof. UE dr hab. Katarzyna Czernek-Marszałek 28 4
WIBB14 Bachelor Market Entry Strategiesnoprof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc 28 4
WICB02 Bachelor International Relations yesdr Jakub Parnes 30 5
WICB03 Bachelor Marketing Research yesprof. dr hab. Maciej Mitręga 30 5
WICB05 Bachelor Operations Management yesprof. dr hab. Maciej Nowak 30 5
WICB06 Bachelor Product and Brand Management yesdr Olgierd Witczak 30 5
WMB01 Bachelor Organizational Behavior yesprof. UE dr hab. Agata Austen 15 3
WMB02 Bachelor Customer Behavior yesprof. dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek 15 3
WMB03 Bachelor Management yesprof. dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch 15 3
WMB05 Bachelor Marketing yesprof. UE dr hab. Justyna Matysiewicz 15 3
WMB06 Bachelor International Entrepreneurship yesdr Bartłomiej Gabryś  15 3
WMB07 Bachelor Human Resource Management in Global Context yesprof. UE dr hab. Agata Austen 15 3
WMB08 Bachelor Corporate Finance yesdr Adam Lejman-Gąska 15 3
WMB09 Bachelor Transport and Logistics yesdr Sebastian Twaróg 15 3
WAR01 Master Fixed Income and Credit Derivatives  yesdr Tadeusz Czernik 30 4
WAR02 Master Fundamentals of Economics yesdr hab. Dominika Bochańczyk-Kupka 30 3
WAR03 Master Fundamentals of Finance yesprof. UE dr hab. Ewa Dziwok 45 5
WAR04 Master Fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics yesdr Rafał Kucharski 30 4
WAR05 Master Multivariate Methods yesdr hab. Tomasz Żądło, prof. UE, dr Rafał Kucharski  45 5
WAR06 Master Programming and Databases yesprof. dr hab. Ewa Ziemba, dr Dariusz Grabara 30 4
WAR07 Master Time Series Analysis yesdr Stanisław Barczak 30 3
WAR08 Master Asset and Liability Management & Insurance Manangement noprof. UE dr hab. Monika Wieczorek-Kosmala 15 3
WAR09 Master Bank Management nodr hab. Monika Klimontowicz 30 5
WAR10 Master Legal Framework and Ethics nodr hab. Marzena Czarnecka 30 3
WAR11 Master Management Non-life Risk nodr inż. Tomasz Szkutnik, prof. UE dr hab. Tomasz Żądło 15 3
WAR12 Master Risk Controlling and Organisational of Credit Risk nodr inż. Tomasz Zieliński 15 3
WFAM01 Master Topics in International Finance yesdr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój 45 5
WFAM02 Master Cross Cultural Issues in European HRM yesprof. UE dr hab. Agata Austen 45 4
WFAM03 Master International Marketing  yesdr Monika Sulimowska-Formowicz 45 4
WFAM04 Master Understanding Global and European Business Environment yesprof. UE dr hab. Iwona Pawlas 45 4
WFAM05 Master International Accounting Studies yesdr Anna Kuzior 45 5
WFAM11 Master Corporate Governance and Investors Relations yesdr hab. Joanna Błach 15 3
WFAM12 Master Financial Innovations and Alternative Investment - team project yesdr hab. Joanna Błach 15 3
WFAM16 Master Case Studies in International Finance yesdr Krystyna Mitręga-Niestrój 15 3
WFM01 Master International Investments   yesdr Rafał Buła 15 3
WIBM04 Master Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions noprof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc 42 4
WIBM05 Master Business Analysis and Valuation nodr Adam Janiszewski, mgr Rafał Rydzewski 42 5
WIBM06 Master Global Consumer Behaviour noprof. dr hab. Sławomir Smyczek 42 5
WIBM07 Master Global Supply Chain Management noprof. UE dr hab. Danuta Kisperska-Moroń 42 4
WIBM08 Master Integrated Marketing Communication nodr hab. Jolanta Zrałek 42 4
WIBM09 Master Intercultural Skills Training nodr Danuta Babińska 28 3
WIBM10 Master International Brand Management noprof. UE dr hab. Justyna Matysiewicz 28 4
WIBM11 Master International Communication and Media nodr Olgierd Witczak 42 4
WIBM12 Master Leadership Skills Training nodr Hanna Kelm 28 3
WIBM13 Master R&D and Innovation Management nodr Bartłomiej Gabryś 28 4
WICM02 Master Interactive Media Marketing yesdr Anna Dewalska-Opitek 30 5
WICM04 Master Negotiation and Mediation yesprof. UE dr hab. Tomasz Wachowicz 30 5
WICM05 Master Research Methods for Business Students yesprof. UE dr hab. Jerzy Michnik 30 5
WMM01 Master Strategic Management yesprof. dr hab. Wojciech Dyduch 15 3
WMM02 Master Marketing Management yesprof. UE dr hab.  Justyna Matysiewicz 15 3
WMM03 Master Global Marketing yesprof. dr hab. Maja Szymura-Tyc 15 3
WMM04 Master Corporate Social Responsibility yesdr Danuta Babińska 15 3
WFPL B+M Polish language course yesForeign Language Centre 45 5
WFE B+M Business English language course noForeign Language Centre 30

*Subjects marked in the online application system as 'ARIMA DD only', are available to double degree students in the Quantitative Asset and Risk Management /ARIMA/ Master program only. They are not listed here, because they are not part of the offer for exchange students.