Formal and editorial requirements for IB Bachelor and Master Thesis


Documents to the Dean Office before thesis defence:

- Bachelor/Master thesis

- Card before graduation exam

- 4 photos in the 4.5x6.5 cm format

- Confirmation of payment in the amount of 60 PLN for the diploma on the Student’s individual account

- Statement on personal data processing

- Report from the internship (details under the Internships section)


Files on CD:

- text: album number

- Word:




*    PROGRAM: Z, L, GT, AG, MSG, IB or FM

**   FORM OF STUDY: ST (full-time), NS (part-time)

*** DEGREE: IS (Bachelor), IIS (Master)


Example: 012345_KOWALSKI_JAN_GT_ST_IS_WZ_2017


Bachelor Degree


Master Degree


General Documents