The core for graduation is participation in classes and positive result obtained in internal examinations of each module:

BA1 - Fundamentals of Business Economics (English)

BA2 - Fundamentals of Management Accounting (English)

BA3 - Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

BA4 – Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law

The final examination will comprise two parts: theoretical (in the form of a single-choice test) and case study analysis .

Conditions to receive the CertBA title and the Certificate in Business Accounting document issued by CIMA are as follows:

  • to complete the Course Program,
  • to pass the CIMA standardized external examination from the BA2 Fundamentals of Management Accounting module before completing post-graduate course,
  • to complete payment regarding BA2 examination as stipulated in the official list of CIMA fees.

Completing the other three modules allows exemptions from three CIMA examinations (BA1, BA3, BA4).

The participant may undertake the BA2 examination - Fundamentals of Management Accounting in any semester during the course operation The examination must be completed before the official end of the course for the participant.