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UE&CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

Due to the high reputation of CIMA qualifications, people with her qualifications are willingly employed in the area of ​​finance, both in the public and private sectors. CIMA works closely with employers to create the most valuable reports and research, and is constantly updating its curriculum to be the first choice of employers in recruiting business leaders in the field of finance. The level of the Certificate provides knowledge about running a business not only in the sphere of financial accounting, but also on issues of the relationship of individual accounting areas to the needs of modern business operations.

CIMA aims to provide students with the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of finance and accounting as well as to develop skills of strategic thinking and understanding of complex business processes.

The Business Accounting Certificate is in itself a valuable set of qualifications and is the basis of a Professional Qualification. Recruitment for the CIMA Program lasts from 1 to 31/10/2019. Students at all levels in the CIMA Program (CBA, DMA, CBApod) complete the CIMA recruitment form available at After submitting the application, the student is verified (accepted / rejected) by the CIMA Program Coordinator and CIMA.

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