UE&CIMA-DMA - Conversion Table

    Courses to be completed in the University of Economics in KatowiceModules in the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting Programme
    Accounting in Corporate Management P1 – Management Accounting student
    (exemption from the examination) 

    International Financial Reporting Standards
    Advanced Financial Accounting

    and Corporate Tax Strategies

    F1 – Financial Reporting and Taxation
    (exemption from the examination)

    Managing Financial Institutions


    Corporate Financial Strategies
    Corporate Finance


    Ethics in Finance and Accounting*

    E1 – Organisational Management
    (exemption from the examination)  
    External CIMA examination in the English language organised according to CIMA standards  Operational level case study Operational level case study  

    * or equivalent

How to graduate from UE&CIMA-DMA?

To receive  the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. read and understand Rules of the CIMA Programme in the University
  2. register to the programme in 1st or 3rd semester of studies
  3. complete the courses listed in the conversion table above
  4. pass external examination in English: Operational Case Study 
  5. pay the fees for CIMA exemptions CIMA examination in Operational Case Study
  6. report to University CIMA coordinator with the documented information confirming passing the external CIMA examinations no later than in the last semester of study.

UE&CIMA-DMA 2018/2019 - fees

Registraton fee:£77

to be paid by 1st December 2017 after setting up MyCIMA account

Annual subscription: £110*

*Students of the UE&CIMA-DMA Programme receive first year of the subscription free of charge. Fee shall become due on 1st January 2019.


Fees for exemptions and examinations

Fee for exemptions - CIMA ‘objective tests’ 

£90 (for one CIMA module)

Modules to be exempted: F1, P1, E1 (3x £90) 

Fee for CIMA external examination

Operational level case study Exam