AEGEEAEGEE, or European Students Forum (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe), is a non-governmental, interdisciplinary, politically independent non-profit organization for students and graduates of higher education institutions. Its primary objective is the multi-aspect realization of the idea of united Europe.
AEGEE has about 17,000 members and 250 branches in over 40 European countries. EVERY student or graduate of a higher education institution can join AEGEE until the age of 35.

Main objectives:

  • promoting the united, prejudice-free Europe
  • working towards an open and tolerant society
  • supporting democracy, human rights, tolerance, international cooperation, mobility and education across Europe
  • introducing young people to the diverse cultures of Europe

Pillars of AEGEE:

  • cultural exchange
  • active civil society
  • higher education
  • peace and stability

Our support:

  • AEGEE is supported by the European Commission and European Parliament
  • AEGEE is an advisory body to the Council of Europe and the United Nations in the areas of education and educational programmes
  • AEGEE is member of the European Youth Forum
  • AEGEE cooperates with the UNESCO and OSCE

Ul. Bankowa 5, Katowice
Room 214, 2nd floor
Tel.: +48 32 359 1932