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General Information

Within the framework of the program Erasmus+ with Partner Countries students have a possibility to spend a semester of studies at one of the partner universities in a non-European Union country.

The main advantages of participating in the Erasmus+ with Partner Countries:

  • travel to countries outside the EU;
  • possibility of discovering different, sometimes completely new culture and language;
  • financial support for the stay and for the journey– the amount depends on the distance to the destination country;
  • getting to know a different education system;
  • gaining experience in a different environment and observing a foreign labour market;
  • broadening horizons and perspectives.

In each project the University of Economics in Katowice has at its disposal funds for realization of a specific number of mobilities, allocated to the university by the National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme. The number of scholarships is limited and scholarships are assigned to specific universities.

All students interested in the Erasmus+ Programme with Partner Countries are asked to familiarize themselves with the study offer, study conditions and costs of travelling and stay at the host university.

A qualified student must provide a correctly completed Erasmus+ Grant Application form, the Erasmus+ Beneficiary Bank Account Details form, the  Learning Agreement – all documents properly prepared and signed by all parties (details on how to fill in the LA can be found here).

In addition, on his/her own the student must purchase a flight ticket and an appropriate insurance policy covering medical expenses, accident and medical assistance. After completing these documents a scholarship agreement is signed and the scholarship is paid.

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