Students' Testimonials

Diana, Russia, Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, summer semester 2017/2018

I am very happy that in October 2017 I decided to apply for the Erasmus+ mobility to Saint Petersburg. I remember that I did it at the last minute and was very worried about whether I managed to send all the documents required for the application process. I was waiting for information with concern and finally got the answer saying that I had been selected! I was very happy because Erasmus is an amazing adventure, a chance to meet new interesting people and even discover oneself! It is also a great opportunity to live in a new country, to learn more about its culture and beauty.

My university was located in the very center of the city, there were dormitories located there, which was very convenient. We often visited various museums, even during classes we always went out somewhere. The integration was amazing. Now and then we travelled to different cities near Saint Petersburg. 

I've met a lot of cool people and now I have friends all over the world! And some of the courses I studied during the exchange helped me a lot in choosing a topic of my bachelor thesis.

If anyone ever asks me the question “Is it worth it?”, without any doubts I will answer “Of course!”