Students' Testimonials

Hanna, University of Patras, winter semester 2021/22

The classes were conducted entirely in English, some subjects we had with Greek students and others only with Erasmus students. The subjects were opened even if there were only two people on the subject. I chose the subjects from the faculties of economics, business and administration, and I had the opportunity to choose a course in Modern Greek Language and Greek culture at the department of culture.

Cheap dormitory - 130 euro single room, 90 euro double room. The cost of the apartment is around 250-350 euro. In the canteen they serve free meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner for all Erasmus. Rather, the scholarship should be enough.

Very good cooperation and help from the local ESN. The teachers were friendly and helpful, they quickly replied to the e-mail and helped to solve the problems. Local students very willing and open to meet Erasmus students.

Jan, University of Catania, Italy, winter semester 2021/22

Totally recommend Catania and Sicily as a place to live. Not only it helped me to make a lot of friends from all over Europe, but also I was able to make huge progress in terms of my Italian in a relatively short period. It was certainly the best time of my life.

I was able to choose subjects from the department of economy, both in English and Italian. Classes in Italy are in the form of lectures, but there is an interaction between the professor and students and also on some subjects there were guests invited which were talking about their professional experience. There was even a possibility to attend trips to companies on one subject. Generally, the lectures were kind and at the university all the people were trying to help us. A certain dose of patience was needed – in Sicily everybody has a lot of time, they don't operate in a rush :)

Costs of living and accommodation, of course, are bigger than in Poland, but Catania compared to the north of Italy is really cheap. It isn't hard to find accommodation for less than 250 euros, the rest depends on the lifestyle, but I would say that everything is affordable.

The biggest advantages were student organizations that take care of Erasmus and organize activities for them, friendly people and a city which gives a lot of social opportunities.

Karolina, Technical University of Munich, Germany, winter semester 2021/22

Studies at TUM are held on very high level. I attended courses only in English, level of this language here is really good because there are many international students. Lecturers speak English fluently, everything was clear. I could have chosen courses from different faculties (only in 40%), 60% of courses had to be chosen from the department TUM School of Management. Attitude of the lecturers was kind, all of them are really helpful.

I have met some German students (from ESN), but I was meeting mainly international students. Cooperation with buddy was good, he explained me some issues at the beginning of my stay. They really care about international students, they are always happy to help. Coordinators replay to mails quickly.

Costs of living are high, Munich is the most expensive city in Germany. Money from Erasmus is not enough, so it’s worth to be aware that it is needed to add something from your pocket. If you get a student dorm, you’re lucky because finding a room in Munich is really challenging, renting a room is expensive.

Wiktoria, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași, Romania, winter semester 2021/22

I could choose classes outside from the main faculty. The list of English based courses was really impressive. Some of the classes can be conducted even with only one student. Professors put a lot of effort into satisfying students' needs.

For those speaking French at certain faculties there are also classes in this language. All the professors I had a chance to have classes with were really nice, with a positive attitude towards foreign students. They were curious about our opinions and experiences, they made us a part of the group.

The integration with local students was more difficult because all the classes during the past semester were in the online form. However, I still managed to meet with some of my classmates. For any student of any university in Iasi there is a possibility of getting a buddy. It is not obligatory and only students that want to will get one. Mine was a really great person. Everything regarding the communication was satisfying for me. I had many questions and doubts but both coordinators and professors were really patient with explaining everything to me. I got all the help needed.

I rented a one room apartment. The prices vary, depending on the location. It can be 200 EUR as well as 400 EUR per month, depending on what someone is looking for. As far as I know the cost of living in the dorm was really low. It was less than 100 EUR per month. Regarding all the costs, the prices are similar to Poland, and especially Katowice. Iasi is a similar size city so the prices I consider to be very alike.

Karolina, École de Management de Normandie, France, winter semester 2021/22

The Erasmus students were very welcomed at university and everyone wanted to help them in every problem they had. There wasn’t much of a choice regarding choosing subjects, but generally classes and teachers were really good. The communication with the university was a bit difficult but in the end everything was possible to make.

The money that we get from home university was only to cover accommodation and the rest of the cost of life was on the student side.

Student, Fachhochschule des BFI Wien, Austria, winter semester 2021/22         

In my opinion Vienna is a really expensive city. For sure scholarship is not enough to cover all costs. But there are many possibilities for accommodation. It is possible to find something cheaper.

As I was an ARIMA student I had classes in the afternoons and I studied with part-time students. I had a really international group. People were helpful and outgoing. I did not have problems with coordination of International Relations. In general the professors were nice and helpful, but one professor did not provide us with the final assignment and there was a delay with obtaining the grade.

Student, Univeristy of Agder, Norway, summer semester 2020/2021

Norway is a beautiful, developed country with amazing nature. The level of English is surprisingly high in the whole country. The lecturers were friendly and open-minded. I could choose subjects from a particular faculty as well as language courses. At the begining we were assigned a "buddy", some buddies were more active than the others, but there was always someone willing to help. Organization at UiA is on high level, we received all needed instructions and assistance just after our arrival. Even during the obligatory quarantine, they planned some activities for us so that nobody felt lonely. There was plenty of information published on Facebook group, which were updated daily. 

Student organization SIA in Norway works very effectively, despite many obstacles (covid, changing restrictions) they organized various attractions for students, we had a lot of options, face-to-face and when it was impossible online; like fishing competition with a money prize and catch of fish permission in the region, paintball, trampoline park, mini golf, various meetings with free food, cinema, bonfire, zoo, crocheting, painting and Easter holiday attractions. There were also Monday free breakfasts organized for students in the university canteen (they were available for a period of time). 

The costs of living in Norway are high. The university offers good-quality dormitories and cafes, shop and canteen with prices suitable for a students' pocket (relatively low as for Norway).

Tadeusz, Portugal, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, winter semester 2020/ 2021

Huge advantage of my stay was a possibility to visit Portugal, including Porto, Algarve or the Azores. It also gave me a chance to find myself in a new situation, completely new environment and around new people. I made friends with people from other countries and continents. I improved my English and learnt basics of Portuguese.

Costs of living are low, in comparison with big cities. You can eat out for 5-10 euros, depending on your preferences. In financial terms I received more than I spent. I recommend it.

Lecturers are very friendly for foreign students, they explain clearly the assgnment requirements, in case of difficulties they invite students for consultations, even via ZOOM on request. Erasmus students could participate in classes from different courses, depending on preferences. Lecturers speak English very well, although sometimes with a specific accent, but rather nobody had difficulties with understanding. 

Bartosz, Słowacja, Comenius University in Bratislava, semester letni 2019/2020

There was a fexibility in the selection of subjects, thanks to that I was able to study at two different faculties. The approach of the lectureres was generally really positive. Integration was on the average level. Formalities were done quickly and smoothly. Each e-mail was responded within a few minutes.

Prices for products and services- about 10% higher than in Poland. Costs of accommodation in the dormitory were realtively low (about 70 EURO monthly). 

Advantages- interesting classes, effectively working ESN, discounts for meals in the cateen. The biggest disadvantage was low standard of accommodation.

Student, Italy, Università degli Studi di Catania, winter semester 2019/2020

70% of subjects had to be from my faculty. I studied and took exams together with Italian students. The Italians are open and helpful. Atmosphere on the classes is different: there is a constant discussion and questions. You can see the involvement of students. Cantania is definately less expensive than the north of Italy,  but it is still advisable to have some savings. Thre is really plenty of things to visit and try ;)

Student, Niemcy, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes, winter semester 2019/2020

Unfortunately I could not choose subjects from the whole offer. Still the university did its best to suit it to my needs. Students were very nice and helpful. Costs of living and accommodation were higher than in Poland, but reasonable. I had a chance to get to know a different way of giving classes as well as differnet culture and mentality of people.  

Damian, Greece, University of Ioannina, winter semester 2019/2020

Classes were organized mostly in the self-studying form, it means that I maintained contact with the lecturers by consulting self-made projects. Lecturers have a partner approach towards the students, they were very helpful and offered many materials and support needed fort the subject assignment. I got to know many practical tools e.g. for getting the information sources.

Integration with local students was possible mainly due to effective work of ESN. Also the developed facilities of the university (free gym, many cafes) enable exchange students to meet new people.

Accommodation in the dormitory cost 65€ monthly. The university also offers 3 free meals. The transport is expensive though. You can easily make a living out of the scholarship, the university was also so flexible that I could work online during the whole semester. I strongly recommend due to the economic (in my opinion the cheapest Erasmus) but also touristic aspects of Greece- plenty of places to visit and nice weather during the whole winter.

Karol, Austria, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, winter semester 2019/2020

Great people, great lecturers, great approach, practicioners from big corporations. Everything went smoothly and without any problems, they are helpful but they are quite reserved. Accommodation is terrible but they say that from the next semester/year it will be great. The dorms are in the center, near the university. People in the dorms are from all around the world and they are fantastic! 

Jakub, Finland, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, summer semester 2018/2019  

The approach of the lecturers to the student was completely different, i.e., during the first class, they asked us to call them by their first name, which made our relationship a little different, more friendly, which resulted in much better cooperation. The form of conducted classes and credits was very good, reliable and interesting. Finland is quite an expensive country, so that it can be difficult without prior preparation.

Magdalena, Italy, Universita' degli studi di Siena, summer semester 2018/2019 

I think the atmosphere at the university is very good. Students and university staff are very helpful (however, most of them did not speak English fluently). When I arrived, the communication was very good. Everything was clearly presented at the organizational meeting, including the location of all facilities. The bureau at the partner university does not reply to emails quickly, so it is better to go to the bureau in person. If the dormitory is located in the city center or near the university, this is a good choice, but if not, I recommend finding a private apartment. The cost of living in Siena is quite high because it is a tourist destination, so you need to have some extra pocket money, apart from your scholarship, especially if you are thinking about traveling. If you have an ESN card, there are discounts on Flixbus (15%), so it's a good idea to get the card.

Katarzyna Italy, Universita degli studi di Siena, summer semester 2018/2019 

The classes were not divided into lectures and exercises as it is in Poland. It is up to the professor whether the day's classes will be conducted in the form of exercises or lectures. Most credits are written (test, open assignment, or essay written at home). The atmosphere is very good. Lecturers and other students are very helpful (they will explain everything, show you how the university works). We also received a lot of support from ESN Siena. They organized many meetings so that we could get to know other exchange students better and integrate with them. The biggest advantage was that Siena is a small town and it is easy to get everywhere, but at the same time, you cannot get bored there. It is a typical student town, so there are many events.

Student, Germany, Technische Universität München, summer semester 2018/2019

The university provides good communication with students, even though there are many of them. The lecturers are nice, open-minded, you can see that they are there for a student, not to do their job and go home. It is not very common to meet local students because international students are in the majority. A lot of information is sent by e-mail, reminding of upcoming events. Communication with lecturers is possible through the Moodle platform. The lecturers efficiently use the tools on the platform and respond to messages.

Student, Spain, Universidad de Granada, summer semester 2018/2019

The lecturers are very kind and helpful, they understand the situation of the student participating in the exchange program, but they do not treat the Erasmus students any more favorably. The cooperation with the mentor was very poor. Form of classes: exercises and lectures, a form of credit: depends on the subject and the teacher; I had tests, final exam or final project in the form of a presentation. The average cost of living, very similar to those in Poland, when it comes to shopping; no dormitories; renting a room from 200-400 euros depending on the location.

Denys, Greece, University of West Attica, summer semester 2018/2019

Almost all the courses I have chosen were no longer offered upon my arrival. Nobody had any problems with the lecturers. Studying wasn't very hard. Renting a room costs about 250€. Free food. A monthly student ticket (all types of public transport) costs €15.

Kamil, Greece, University of Ioannina, winter semester 2018/2019

Very nice university staff. They organized trips to nearby tourist attractions and organized time after studying. The lecturers were helpful and always offered explanations of difficult topics after class, ESN was in contact with Erasmus students; they organized a time for us so that we could integrate with local people. We had a free student canteen, lunches weren't great, but nobody complained. There was a kitchen in the dormitory. As a rule, single rooms of a fairly good standard were provided.

Student, Spain, Universidade de Vigo, winter semester 2018/2019

The atmosphere is wonderful. The incredible climate of the campus, which is located in the mountains. And the city is at the seaside, too. ESN organization, which organizes a lot of events for Erasmus, is very active. The attitude of lecturers towards visitors is very positive. The cost of living is extremely cheap compared to other regions of Spain. Comparable to life in Poland. I managed to rent an apartment with a terrace for 150€ and I had 2 brilliant roommates. There were a wardrobe and a double bed in the room. Bus tickets cost €0.65 when you apply for a bus card. I could list the advantages endlessly: amazing people from all over the world, cheap trips to Spain, Portugal and Morocco, the most beautiful beaches in Vigo, an island that looks like the Caribbean, to which you can sail from Vigo in 30 minutes by boat.

Angelika, Germany, Europe - Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), winter semester 2018/2019

The university is very friendly to the student, lecturers are helpful, but they rarely reply to e-mails. About 25% of students are foreigners, most of them are regular students. All classes are held with regular students, so integration is very high.

Bożena, Spain, CEU San Pablo en Madrid, summer semester 2018/2019

Very good relations with professors and university employees. Everybody calls the professors by their first name and they are always willing to help. Theoretically, there is one mentor per faculty for Erasmus students, but practically there is not. There are no buddies-mentors either.

Zofia, Spain, Oviedo University, summer semester 2018/2019

The biggest advantage of staying at a partner university and participating in the Erasmus program is the people I have met here. The people we meet during the exchange immediately become our Erasmus family, with whom we spend every free moment and experience one of the best adventures. Participation in the exchange greatly increases our self-confidence, allows us to deal with problems better, we become more spontaneous, open and tolerant. The language is also improving. I took classes in Spanish and English, and although it was very difficult to overcome the difficulties at first and start speaking Spanish, now I miss everyday contact with Spanish after coming back home. We should enjoy every moment spent on the Erasmus student exchange, because it ends quickly, and as soon as we return home, we miss it.

Marta, Italy, LIUC Universita Carlo Cattaneo, winter semester 2018/2019

When we arrived, we were getting used to the new place for two weeks – we were greeted by very nice employees of the international exchange bureau and students from the ESN organization. They organized various events for us, which allowed us to integrate with other Erasmus students. In the dormitory, all the exchange students also lived on one floor, so we were very integrated. Unfortunately, this limited the integration with local students to a minimum – there were no events that would allow us to get to know each other better. Usually, all events and parties were organized separately for foreign and local students.

Student, Belgium, HELMo Liège Belgium, winter semester 2018/2019

They provide educational materials free of charge (which was a great plus), the Belgian Culture course offered trips around Belgium and a chance to get to know the culture and other Erasmus students. Coordinators were always available; there was no problem to arrange something. You have to look for a flat on your own; the university does not have dormitories.

Student, Greece, University of Patras, summer semester 2018/2019

There was an opportunity to learn the Greek language. I had credits as projects, open questions.
If the university decides to grant student dormitories, the accommodation is cheap (90-120€). I've traveled a lot. Greece is not an expensive country. I liked everything. Teachers were always helpful. I'd love to go there again.

Iryna, Spain, Universitat de Valencia, summer semester 2018/2019

There were no problems and the lecturers were able to arrange everything and they were very helpful. This whole university is one big advantage.

Karolina, Italy, University degli Studi di Pavia, summer semester 2018/2019

The atmosphere was very good; I did not have any problems with contact with the Erasmus office or the coordinator. My buddy-mentor fulfilled his task diligently, so I highly recommend him. Getting to know people from all over Europe, a high level of education, the ability to travel all over Italy, a sense of Italian culture and language.

Aleksandra, Austria, FH des BFI Wien, summer semester 2018/2019

The lecturers were respectful and understanding towards the students; they always listened and were willing to discuss. Integration with local students: you could meet them during classes, they were very nice and helpful, but usually they were working people, studying in the evenings, so they did not have much time. Overall the whole ESN was very helpful and we had a group on WhatsApp, where all Erasmus students and their mentors were present, so the communication was good. Ms. Anne Schitter was very helpful; she always tried to do her best to solve issues between the university and Erasmus students. Besides, she quickly replied to emails and was always very nice.

Patrycja, Belgium, HOWEST, summer semester 2018/2019

The atmosphere was very good, the lecturers were very friendly and the local students were helpful. A practical approach to teaching. Everything was very expensive. Unfortunately, there are no dormitories there and I had to look for accommodation on my own.

Kinga, Slovenia, Univerza v Mariboru, winter semester 2018/2019

Unfortunately, there were no classes with local students. The lecturers were fine, only one of the lecturers upset the Erasmus students. The contact was easy, but sometimes it took a long time to resolve a problematic situation. The Erasmus+ scholarship is enough to cover the cost of living and accommodation in Slovenia.

Klaudia, Belgium, Karel de Grote Hogeschool Antwerpen, winter semester 2018/2019

The coordinators, the lecturers, and the local students are friendly to the exchange students. There are many meetings organized by the coordinators, so there is no problem with integration between the exchange students, but it is hard to get to know the local students, because they do not participate in such meetings, and most of the activities are only for exchange students, only some activities involve mixed groups. Renting a room costs 350-450 Euros per month. The food costs 100-150 Euros per month.