General rules

1. Traineeship duration: 2-12 months; scholarships are awarded for the whole traineeship duration.

2. Traineeships are intended for:

a) students of the 2nd and 3rd year of the 1st-cycle studies, 1st or 2nd year of the 2nd-cycle studies and students of the 1st-4th year of the 3rd-cycle studies, provided that the mobility does not affect the date of defence of the diploma thesis and the date of graduation.

Persons carrying out a traineeship in the course of their studies are obliged to maintain the status of a student during the whole traineeship period; the traineeship must be completed before taking the diploma examination. 

b) recent graduates, provided that they have been selected during their last year of study.  

Persons carrying out a traineeship as recent graduates are obliged to maintain the status of a graduate during the whole traineeship period. The traineeship of a graduate must be carried out (start and finish) within up to 12 months of the date of defence.

3. Under the Erasmus+ programme students may – at each of the three cycles of study – participate in mobility periods totalling up to 12 months.  The graduates’ mobility is assigned to the cycle of study during which they have been selected.  

The total number of mobility months includes prior mobility periods (studies and traineeships) under LLP-Erasmus, Erasmus+ and Scholarship and Training Fund, regardless whether the student was awarded a scholarship or not. The mobility periods include also mobility outside the home university.

4. Traineeships must be carried out in one of the countries participating In the Erasmus+ programme, namely:

  • 28 member states of the EU,
  • Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein,
  • Turkey and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

5. The traineeship programme and the company profile should be related to the trainee’s field of study; traineeships in hotels may be carried out only by students pursuing programmes related to tourism.

6. Traineeships under Erasmus+ require a minimum of 30 working hours weekly.

7. Traineeships may not be carried out in EU institutions, organisations managing EU programmes and diplomatic posts of the student’s/graduate’s home country.

8. In the 2018/2019 selection, students are allowed to carry out max. two traineeships abroad,  provided that they take place in two different receiving organisations.  

9. Before entering the selection process the student is obliged to account for all prior mobility periods coordinated by the International Relations Office in which they participated.