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Scope of tasks

International Relations as an administrative unit is reporting to the Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations Prof. Sławomir Smyczek, Ph.D.

The office is responsible for coordination of activities connected with international cooperation in area of education, research and developing relations with foreign universities and institutions, including:

in scope of organization of foreign visitors stay at University and foreign trips service
including students, Ph.D students, University staff (teaching and research, administration) and non-employees

  1. Foreign trips service
  2. Foreign visitors arrivals service

in scope of international projects

  1. Acting as a University Coordinator of  Erasmus+ Programme
  2. Supervising the implementation of international didactic projects (Erasmus+, CEEPUS)
  3. Seeking and promoting opportunities connected with activities in scope of participation in scientific, research, educational and other projects (excluding investment projects) financed or co-financed from foreign funds
  4. Gathering and providing information on the mode and the criteria of the project financing indicated in point 3
  5. Supporting employees in negotiations and creating agreements in scope of records connected with financing, defining eligible costs prefinancing, particularly verifying in this scope contracts concluded in the framework of the projects mentioned in point 3.

in other scopes

  1. Elaborating annual and long-term international cooperation plans which are in competence of the Office, including:

    • current updates of plans based on approved applications of University organizational units,
    • balancing needs within financial means,
    • elaborating drafts of financial plans based on University organizational units’ individual plans,
    • preparation of guidance for University organizational units on how to prepare financial plans within international cooperation context.

  2. Cooperation with the Senate Committee for International Cooperation
  3. Handling University Authorities’ correspondence in matters connected with International Relations
  4. Preparation necessary information for University Authorities
  5. Cooperation with other University organizational units in matters connected with international cooperation
  6. Preparing conclusions and recommendations concerning internal normative acts in area of international cooperation of University
  7. Coordination of activities associated with performing duties of Local Contact Point of EU Framework  Programmes
  8. Coordination of tasks connected with University activities as a member of IROs Forum – network of foreign collaboration departments of leading Polish academic state universities
  9. Acting as a unit implementing orders in scope of international cooperation in area of education, research and develop relationships with universities and foreign institutions.
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