Scope of tasks of the Office

Internationalization Office is responsible for:

  1. Dissemination of information and internal promotion of the main assumptions of the internationalization strategy of the University with special consideration of three priorities, i.e.:

    • international networks and research and business projects,
    • international didactic offer,
    • the culture of internationalization.

  2. Providing all the administrative and organizational works for the substantive coordinators responsible for obtaining accreditation of international universities and faculties, including administrative support for projects co-financing obtaining accreditation from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of Measure 3.3 Internationalization of Polish higher education "Foreign Accreditation", documentation keeping, communication with accrediting institutions, participation in meetings and trainings, support for coordinators in preparing the visits of accrediting committees.
  3. Coordination of activities related to University participation (and staff) in international academic cooperation networks and international consortia, including a financial analysis of the desirability of participation.
  4. Coordination of activities aimed at creating a positive image - the so-called international branding - of the University as a center gathering experts and educating high quality graduates sought after on the labour market in Poland and abroad.
  5. Participation in associations, networks, events, meetings, etc. related to internationalization, e.g. NAWA, EAIE, SUN consortium.
  6. Organization and support of university international events, including those aimed at building relations with foreign students.
  7. Notification of expenditure plans, preparation of material and financial plans and preparation of public procurement plans, including keeping the public procurement register within the scope provided for in the guidelines to the Public Procurement Manual.
  8. Preparation of orders and documentation related to the selection of the contractor in the field of translations and interpreting.
  9. Developing a system for building relations with foreign graduates (ambassadors' program).
  10. Cooperation and support for the International Relations, the Teaching Management and other units in the field of internationalization.