Rules for the use of individual work booths

  1. The individual work booths can be used by all persons who have a document entitling them to borrow collections or a guest card issued by the Lending Library. Priority is given to research workers and doctoral students, followed by students of the University of Silesia and the University of Economics. The service of individual work booths is provided by the CINiBA Reading Room. Reservations can be made up to one month in advance, specifying the expected hours of use. Booths are available for up to two weeks. This period may be extended if there are no other waiting persons. If the booth is not used during the two successive days following the opening of the library, CINiBA employees have the right to make it available to another waiting person. In the case of queues for the use of the booth and when no one is currently working in the booth, the librarian may make it available for a shorter period of time on an ad hoc basis, provided that the booth must be made available to the user immediately upon the arrival of the person on whom the reservation is made. In this case, the key must be returned every time the user leaves the booth:
    - equipped with computers,
    - with Internet access and software for creating own documents with the possibility of connecting your own laptop to the Internet,
    - is responsible for the equipment at his/her disposal,
    - the user places all his/her own files on the disk D in a folder created for his/her own needs.
  2. The key to the booth is made available upon presentation of a document entitling to borrow a collection or a guest card, provided that the reader has a valid account.
  3. CINiBA provides two types of booths.
  4. The choice of the booth depends on the user. The allocation of a booth with a computer is done on a priority basis. The reservation of particular booths is accepted.
  5. The user of a cabin equipped with a computer:
    The CINiBA shall not responsible for data temporarily stored on disk D (not archived). The user ending the work in the booth should take care to delete his/her own files from the disk D, otherwise it will be done by the librarian on duty.
  6. The booth can be used during the CINiBA working hours and must not be used by anyone else.
  7. The booth should be locked at the end of the day and the key should be returned to the librarian on duty. Loss of the key will result in a duplicate fee of PLN 50. The CINiBA reserves the right to enter the booth also in the absence of the user. The User is obliged to close the booth each time he/she leaves it.
  8. In the individual work booth you can use library documents, your own materials and your own computer equipment. Materials stored in the CINiBA closed warehouse should be ordered to the Reading Room. At the request of the reader, the librarian may keep in the Reading Room publications ordered from magazines, however, no longer than for 7 days.
  9. Materials should not be left in the booth at the end of a day's work.
  10. The User shall be fully responsible for the library materials and equipment in the booth and is obliged to maintain order in the booth.
  11. The CINiBA shall not be responsible for valuables left in the booth.