For future students

Higher education not only helps to find a better job, but also increases social awareness and knowledge used in everyday, often difficult, life. As a disabled person you can and should study. It is worth remembering that educated people lead much easier lives.

Anyone with a secondary-school leaving certificate can study. The procedure for admission to degree programs shall be laid down by the senate of the university. Candidates for the first year of first-cycle study shall be admitted on the basis of a competition for secondary-school leaving certificates within the limits of the places set for degree programs. Decisions of the committee may be appealed against within 14 days. The decision of the Rector shall be final. Persons applying for admission shall pay a fee set by the Rector, but not higher than the fee set by the competent minister. The recruitment fee for candidates for studies commencing in the academic year 2019/2020 is PLN 85.

Since the conditions of recruitment for studies are the same for people with disabilities as for other people, more information about recruitment can be found at the link:

Before you decide to study, contact the Admissions Office. Talk about the opportunities offered by the university for people with disabilities. You can also meet with the Rector’s Representative for the Disabled in person.

Remember that all health information is treated as confidential.

Studying is associated with extra charges, such as dorm fees, commuting and assistant fees. Don't be afraid of it, check the University’s offer available to you.

There is a good chance that you will receive at least one of the following forms of material support:

  • need‑based scholarship;
  • disabled students' allowance;
  • Rector’s scholarship;
  • financial aid;
  • Minister's scholarship for outstanding achievements.  

There is also a possibility to receive an additional accommodation allowance.

If you are a candidate, remember that you must want to study. The university gives you opportunities and "tools" to equalize your chances, the rest is up to you.