Activities of the University

For several years now, various activities have been undertaken at the University of Economics in Katowice to adapt the University to the needs of people with disabilities and to equalize their educational opportunities.

These activities include, among others:

  • changes in legal regulations,
  • financial support (special scholarships),
  • assistance of the Rector’s Representative for the Disabled in solving individual problems of persons with disabilities,
  • the purchase of specific equipment and software to facilitate education for people with various health dysfunctions,
  • elimination of architectural barriers,
  • participation in conferences, trainings and courses on matters concerning the problems and issues of people with disabilities.

Adaptation of buildings to the needs of people with disabilities

The problem of adapting University buildings to the needs of people with disabilities is not yet fully solved. Some buildings are well adapted, others are only partially adapted, but are still not accessible to people with physical disabilities. The best adapted building is the A building located at 3 Bogucicka Street. It can be said that - despite some imperfections - it is fully accessible for people with motor disabilities.

The results of the work carried out so far include:

  • automatic opening of the main door,
  • modernized elevator,
  • adjustment of toilets to the needs of the people with disabilities.

However, work is still in progress to make the remaining buildings of the University more accessible and adaptable to the needs of the people with disabilities.

How can we help you?

In justified cases, depending on the type of disability, the student may apply for:

  • a change of the form of exams and obtaining credits to a form adapted to the student's capabilities,
  • changing the conditions of participation in classes,
  • the assistance of sign language interpreters and assistants for people with disabilities,
  • delivering didactic materials in a form adapted to the student’s needs and capabilities, e.g. bigger font size or Braille,
  • granting a place in the dormitory,
  • other facilities enabling students to study under the same conditions as non-disabled students.