Tasks of the Admissions:

  • developing draft resolutions regulating the admissions to the University,
  • promoting the teaching offer of the University of Economics in Katowice, providing information on study fields, majors, teaching cycles and forms of study as well as the conditions of education at the University,
  • maintaining a permanent information point for course candidates,
  • participation in developing information materials on the University's teaching offer,
  • developing and updating information for candidates on the University's website,
  • cooperation with secondary schools,
  • hosting organized group visits from the secondary school students preparing for the Matura examinations, cooperation with the Faculty Admissions Committees,
  • receiving appeals against Faculty Admissions Committees' decisions,
  • reporting on admissions,
  • providing information on the teaching offer and the opportunities for foreign students' admissions,
  • telephone, e-mail and direct contact with foreigners interested in and applying for studies at the University of Economics in Katowice,
  • administrative support for foreign candidates in the admissions process (handling the electronic system for foreigners' admissions),
  • performing translations from and into English for the Bureau,
  • preparation of reports and data for GUS (Central Statistical Office), BUWiWM (Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange), the Border Guard and other bodies,
  • coordinating administrative and organizational work related to the academic tutoring programme,
  • preparing draft resolutions and regulations concerning admissions for doctoral studies,
  • planning and organizing admissions for doctoral studies,
  • providing information to candidates for doctoral studies,
  • cooperation with postgraduate studies’ Heads and Vice-deans responsible for postgraduate studies at faculty level,
  • cooperation with the Bureau for Communication on the promotion of postgraduate studies,
  • running admissions for postgraduate studies.

Tasks of the Promotion Team:

  • promotion and information addressed to foreign candidates and students
  • planning and running promotional and informational campaigns addressed to candidates
  • cooperation with secondary schools