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Workshops on healthy food

This educational and culinary event aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, increase students' nutrition awareness, and help them build sound eating habits. The planned date is November 23, 2023.

A single workshop will last 90 minutes and consist of educational and culinary parts.


The educational part, "7 steps to healthy eating", includes a lecture with workshop elements. Participants will be introduced to the key information on proper nutrition in seven steps, with particular emphasis on the two inseparable pillars of healthy eating - nutrition and eating habits. Students will learn, for example:

  •  how to properly balance meals,
  •  how to change current eating habits for the better,
  •  how to make the right nutritional choices on a daily basis.

In the culinary part, participants will work in teams of two and prepare simple dishes. During the workshop, ten different easy-to-pack snacks will be prepared, including the following:

  • healthy sweets made from dried fruits, nuts and cereals, as a substitute for traditional sweets,
  • sandwich pastes, as an alternative to store-bought products,
  • smoothies, as a quick and nutritious way to have a healthy breakfast,
  • salads, which are a vitamin bomb and a nutritious option for a second breakfast or light lunch,
  • wraps full of vegetables, as a great alternative to traditional sandwiches.

The workshop will end with taste-testing of prepared snacks. Participants will also receive training materials. Recruitment for the event is over. 

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