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Leaders 2023/2024

The unit overseeing the implementation of the Uni Buddy Program is Internationalization.

Uni Buddies voting results for summer semester 2023/2024

Leader of Uni Buddy Community & Promotion Leader- Magdalena Wojtyła

She is our trustworthy Uni Buddy who knows the realities of our University well, speaks good English, is involved in Welcome Point events, is helpful to students and smiles daily. Not only that - she also follows Welcome Point on Facebook and Instagram the most, and tags Welcome Point in her posts. She publishes photos of events organized by Welcome Point on her personal social media.

Events Leader- Yevheniia Korzh

She is the Uni Buddy who most often participates in events organized by Welcome Point and actively participates in them.

External Relations Leader- Stanisław Wiśniewski

He is the Uni Buddy who seeks to involve other associations, student organizations, departments, companies, and individuals in activities for our University and international students.

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