Projects currently conducted

Name of the projectDescriptionWebsite
European Academic Network for Open Innovation (OI-Net)OI-Net will help to define a joint framework for curricula on Open innovation at European level, as well as clear Terms of Reference on how to include open innovation in Higher Education governance and how Higher Education governance can/has to support the implementation of open innovation curricula.
A team-building, thematically-focused and lean-training summer academy system for young future ict entrepreneurs (STARTIFY7)An innovative training structure focused on addressing the limited capability of young European ICT future entrepreneurs is needed. This is a challenging task, since existing European ICT entrepreneurship training initiatives are characterised by a general fragmentation and a lack of a 'learning-by-doing' training approach. STARTIFY7 is an innovative and ambitious project aiming to go beyond the state-of-the-art and create strong synergies with existing initiatives and projects. It suggests a unique approach to ICT entrepreneurial education for the youth, with the following objectives: 1) Perform a thorough Training Needs Analysis for the future ICT entrepreneurs. 2) Embed a team-building
process within a lean-training structure. 3) Establish an effective network of trainers. 4) Create innovative lean-training curricula with thematic ICT focus. 5) Ignite competition and strong synergies with existing initiatives. 6) Disseminate, exploit and ensure long-term sustainability. The innovative outcomes of the project are the following: 1) Seven Summer Academies in 7 different European cities within a timeframe of two sequential summers (i.e. 2015 and 2016).