Projects finished

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Guidance document to estimate social costs of illicit drugsWorkstream 1 in project LEADERThe guidance document will provide standardised methods to estimate the social costs of drugs, the costs imposed on those other than the drug user and the potential avoidable costs saved through programme implementation. Standardisation will provide added value at the European level by enabling consistent analyses and reporting across European countries and jurisdictions and over time, something that has not been previously achieved. The social costs of drug use are an extra burden imposed on European societies that are ill-afforded in times of economic
Boosting internationalization. Strengthening relations between University, candidates, students, alumni and employees with the use of new media. (Inter Uni)The project involves cooperation between universities aimed at boosting internationalization with the use of new media. In recent years, advances in technology significantly changed the approach to the way of young people communicate. Hence the need to adjust to trends and meet the expectations of today’s online society. In the project will take part two prestigious universities: Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Liechtenstein. Cooperation between partners will include exchange of good practice and transfer of innovative solutions in regard to internationalization and new media. Moreover, every partner will be involved in the conference and workshops, which will be a platform for exchanging experiences and the integration of the scientific community. Another result of the project will be to develop informatic and promotional tools that will help to build a lasting relationship between the university and the candidates, students, staff and
Financial knowledge and skills of young future economists in 4V CountriesThe project is aimed in conducting the research on financialknowledge and skills, commitment to basic financial products, risk profile of a young individual investors represented by students of economics fields in Visegrad Group Countries as well as the conducting the student competition in the area of the Financial Market –savings and investment. Participants will be students of Visegrad Group Countries.
Synchronization and development of national strategies of logistics in V4 countriesThe Project seeks to analyze and compare the logistics strategies of the V4 countries. The goal of the project is to map the potentials embedded in the North-South transportation in the region and its impact to economic growth. Based on the research, the project aims at delivering policy recommendations to the strategy-makers in order to improve the foundation of the future development of logistics networks within the V4 countires.
Education for the development of research and innovationThe main objective of the project is enhancement of teaching & organizational capacities of 5 polish 3institutions towards labourmarket needs and knowledge based economy. Thanks to the cooperation of key institutions from Poland and Norway the project will lead to development of an innovative curriculum of a new specialization of Master studies, which will correspond to these needs. Furthermore, it will allow for training of the teaching staff and development of educational tools & materials necessary to implement the program in five polish institutions
Unique study programmeEconomic AnalyticsOrdered Study ProgrammeEconomic Analytics is devoted for the stationary bachelor studiem. 107 students were accepted so
Innovative IT specialists –graduates of IT studiesThe main aim of the project is to increase the number of IT specialists (graduates) thanks to appropriate quality of education and making teaching process more attractive (trainings, scholarships, student research groups, remedial classes)
Graduates of the University of Economics on the European Labour Market 2 (Europrofis 2)Organisation of six months' traineeships abroad for
International network supporting research and knowledge transfer as a platform of cooperation between Polish and Norwegian UniversitiesThe aim of this project is to built the platform supporting research cooperation with Norwegian universities by: elaboration of a model of international research project mgt, defining common research fields, andthe principles of research cooperation after the project is finished, and to set up the internal. research network. Best practices of research project mgt and principles of the Research Supporting and Knowledge Transfer Office (both at the University as well as central) willbe elaborated, and the principles of research cooperation (research methodology, forming research teams,project mgt, communication between partners).