Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre

The Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre was founded in 1995. They provides professional research, expert and consulting services, drawing on the knowledge and experience of the University's academics and researchers.


Market and marketing research

Analysis of the conditions of companies' and institutions' functioning

  • analysis of demand and customer preferences
  • analysis of competition
  • analysis of national and international environment

Analysis of companies' and institutions' instruments of influencing the market:

  • product, brand and packaging research
  • distribution analysis
  • price analysis
  • promotion analysis

Analysis of the results of companies' and institutions' functioning:

  • sales results analysis
  • company or institution image research

Creating an informational basis and developing the marketing strategy

Manager Workshops:

  • Marketing
  • Trade
  • Sales Management
  • e-Business
  • Know-how

We specialize in:

  • Sector market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of customers' needs and preferences
  • Employee research
  • Public opinion polls

Research methods:

  • open, disguised, participant and non-participant observation ,
  • personal, depth and focus group interviews
  • mail and online surveys
  • projective methods ŕ product acceptance tests, product pricing research
  • heuristic methods ŕ brainstorming, Delphi method, assessment by experts

Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre's reliability is guaranteed by:

  • interviewers' performance monitoring
  • questionnaire content and form monitoring
  • survey's compliance with required selection criteria
  • field monitoring

The monitoring is carried out directly, by telephone or mail.

Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre is registered in the PHARE/TACIS Central Consultancy Register in Brussels. No. POL-20548

Head: Robert Wolny, PhD.

ul. 1 Maja 47, Katowice
Building E, Room 210
Tel./Fax: +48 32 257 7333

Research and Knowledge Transfer Centre