Research Centre for Social Labour Dialogue

Social dialogue is the way to obtain public approval of the necessary reforms in Poland. The centre's objectives are the research and promotion of social dialogue between employees and employers, including local authorities, in the process of economy restructuring in the region of Silesia.

We focus on:

  1. labour and social dialogue research carried out by experts in numerous fields, especially law, economics, political sciences and sociology;
  2. dissemination of knowledge concerning Labour and Social Dialogue, especially its political, economic, social and legal conditions and among Social Partners.
  3. assisting Social Partners in carrying on Labour Dialogue, including the preparatory stage and the talks and negotiations on the company, local or trade level;
  4. international academic research with knowledge and experience sharing, participation in Social Dialogue programmes run by international institutions.

Specific activities include:

  1. developing and carrying out interdisciplinary research programmes and publishing the results;
  2. developing social programmes to accompany the processes of company restructuring; organizing scientific conferences dedicated to different aspects of Labour and Social Dialogue;
  3. organizing training programmes for trade union activists, employers and representatives of local authorities, preparing them to take part in the Labour and Social Dialogue;
  4. preparing expert opinions related with Labour and Social Dialogue;
  5. gathering publications and documents comprising a source of information and reference for educational activities related to Labour and Social Dialogue.

Head: prof. Jan Wojtyła, PhD.

ul. 1 Maja 47, Katowice
Rooms 416-417, Building E
Tel./Fax: +48 32 257 7505