About the Research Office

Research Office is an administrative unit supervised by Vice-Rector for Science and Academic Affairs

- Prof. Barbara Kos, Ph.D. 

Research Office is responsible for a coordination of University research tasks development at national level, in particular:

- administrative and financial support for projects’ implementation financed by core funding for statutory R&D activities;
- financial support for research grants financed by National Science Centre, National Centre for Research and Development; Ministry of Science and Higher Education and other research grants and projects implemented at national level;
- dissemination of information among academic staff on the possibilities of obtaining funds for research projects;
-  administrative work concerning the University Committees responsible for research policy (Senate Committee on Science, Commity for the Review of Scientific Research Projects);
- service for payments related to national and international scientific publications;
- administrative and financial service related to domestic business trips concerning scientific projects and scientific national conferences;
- preparation and development of reports on University R&D activities and long-term financial plans concerning research national activities of the University;
- administrative support of university agreements and contracts related to national research cooperation between University and other organisations;
- preparation and development of documents related to University research activities implemented at national level;
- cooperation with other external institutions and other University units on research development;