Faculty of Economics: Fundamental research

Fundamental research of the Faculty of Economics is focused on the following areas:

- international economic systems and economic relations in Poland and in the word;
- internationalisation, globalisation and competitiveness in macroeconomic scale, economic situation;
- integration processes in Europe, market transformation;
- research on the theory of modern economics;
- economic problems of transport development, studies on transport efficiency in the context of global economy;
- e-commerce, e-markets, market research, marketing activity and distribution;
- knowledge-based economy and information society;
- spatial economy – local and regional development;
- smart cities development, revitalisation of towns and cities, metropolisation of agglomerations;
- entrepreneurship and competitiveness of companies, cities and regions;
- labour market – creation of new jobs, studies on situation of different age groups on labour market;
- social services, including housing services, insurance services, educational services, health care services and recreation services;
- demographic processes, quantitative and qualitative methods in solving social problems;
- design and implementation of management information systems, analytics and Business Intelligence, knowledge management, e-services, e-learning;
- environmental protection management;
- public relations and image of organization;
- intellectual capital management, innovative business, organizational creativity;
- organization management – public organisation management, innovation management in public sector;
- statistical and mathematical methods in economics processes, insurance processes, research on economic risk, forecasting of economic development;

- migration processes in the context of regional development;
- cohesion policy and the regional development context.

Faculty of Economics: Applied research

Applied research of the Faculty of Economics is focused on the following areas:


- planning and developing on: public services, social services, transport services, management information systems, decision support systems, e-learning, information services, health care services, marketing services, ecology and transport services, local and regional development policy;
- expert opinions and research on economic risk, development of economic processes;
- research opinions on transport development;
- expert opinions on regional development;
- research on labour market, urban space planning;
- rural area development in the context of urbanization processes.