Faculty of Finance and Insurance: Fundamental research

Fundamental research of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance are focused on the following areas:


- banking sector stability;
- restructuring and adjustments in banking sector;
- innovations in banking payment system;
- investors in non-treasury debt market; 
- business tax strategies; business insurance decisions;
- business and financial management in crisis time;
- financial strategy of business in the context of changes in capital markets;
- dividend policy of companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange value and valuation of businesses, including MSE;
- business capital structure in implementing risk management systems;
- institutions for tax interpretations and their influence on business finance;
- financial management in the context of implementing innovative financial mechanisms;
- financial reporting for acquisitions, restructuring business transformations;
- financial statements of SMEs;
- management control in public sector;
- financial reporting; valuating of assets, liabilities and equities;
- accounting policy and earnings management in reporting entities;
- cost accounting systems and management accounting methods;
- capital budgeting, appraisal of investment projects;
- real options in capital budgeting;
- project risk management for businesses operating in construction industry;
- investment property of companies;
- business law, labour law, protection of private and discrete information;
- dilemmas in legislation;
- financial control system for fiscal policy; quantitative methods in asset and risk management;
- planning, implementing and using ICTs in enterprises and public administration

Faculty of Finance and Insurance: Applied research

Applied research of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance is focused on the following areas:


- valuation of investment projects, in particular in the energy and natural resources management sector;
- capital market research for building effective investment portfolios;
- expert opinions judicial expertise on finance, accounting, valuation of companies and real estates;
- design and implementing of cost management systems;
- development and design of accounting policies and earnings management (in accordance with the Accounting Act and International Financial Reporting Standards);
- auditing of financial accounting software testing compliance with the requirements of accounting law;
- analysis of the financial situation of companies/enterprises;
- analysis of the financial management of the public sector units;
- development of corporate financial strategies
- expert opinions and research on ICTs for enterprises and public administration