Faculty of Management: Fundamental research

Fundamental research of the Faculty of Management is focused on the following areas:


- transformations of consumption structure in Poland and in the world;
- forecasting of social and economic pfenomena;
- economic and system transformations;
- supply chain management;
- market behaviour in business sector;
- application of mathematical analysis and linear algebra in management and economics;
- theoretical and methodological research on business and marketing;
- organisational  entrepreneurship;
- estimation and verification of statistical hypotheses;
- international business,  management and international marketing;
-  business management in the globalisation process;
- human resources management – diagnosis and improvement of the organisation;
- tourism economics, functioning of the tourist business;
- non-standard applications in logistics;
- role of public institutions in economic processes.  

Faculty of Management: Applied research

Applied research of the Faculty of Management is focused on the following areas:


- supply chain design;
- logistics system design;
- urban logistics;
- trainings on: effective and efficient public administration management, market consumer behaviour, marketing research methods to be implemented by private sector,  tourist company management; methods of assessing credit risk;
- analysis of market consumer behaviour;
- research on standard of human’s living;
- monitoring of regional and local labour market;
- analysis of macroeconomic and financial processes;
- analysis of local governments;
- statistical analysis with SPSS package;
- statistical quality control;
- financial controlling;
- personal controlling;
- development of quality management system;
- project management;
- human resources management;