Programme 2019

7th Erasmus Staff Training Week “Soft Skills in the International Setting” at the University of Economics in Katowice took place between 20-24 May 2019 


ESTW 2019 Programme


 Venue: The Advanced Information Technology Center (CNTI), Katowice, ul. Bogucicka 5


Programme of the training sessions ESTW 2019:


Training 1: 

"Embracing diversity: international cooperation in global village"

 - stereotypes as an obstacle to effective collaboration

 - how to communicate efficiently despite the multicultural differences

 - diversity as the strenght and the unique added value of high performing teams


Training 2: 

“Mindful brain, meaningful life”

"The problem with listening, of course, is that we don't. There's too much noise going on in our heads, so we never hear anything. The inner conversation simply never stops. It can be our voice or whatever voices we want to supply, but it's a constant racket. In the same way we don't see, and in the same way we don't feel, we don't touch, we don't taste." - Phillip Glass

-does a harmful stress really exist? - latest scientific approach and how to use it

 -how to make stress your ally?

 -mindfulness – what is all about?

 -breathing - simple exercises to restore natural breathing

 -how to use mindfulness in everyday life in order to reduce anxiety and tension