Printed materials by an external company

They are financed by the requesting unit. In this case, the basis for the execution of the order is the submission of the Request along with the Order. Ordering non-standard promotional materials will be analyzed each time in the context of public finance discipline and communication and promotion strategy of the University.

A5 folding leaflets

One-sided A5 leaflets

B1 posters

B2 posters

Business cards

50 pcs. - PLN 47.59



The prices are net prices, shipping costs of PLN 13 net should be added additionally (when ordering posters the additional cost of PLN 3.50 net for protective packaging is added).

Ordering materials – step by step.

The order of quantities, formats or materials other than the above is subject to each individual valuation.


The cost of the advertisement is determined each time, depending on the size, type of medium, etc. If you would like to order an advertisement, please contact New Media

The procedure for ordering promotional materials – step by step:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the type of materials available.
  2. Determine the source of financing for materials.
  3. Fill in the Request for promotional materials.
  4. Deliver the filled in Request no later than:
  •  7 working days before the planned collection of the materials (31 days for ordering larger quantities or materials ordered for the conference).
  • 21 working days before the planned collection of non-standard materials requiring the preparation of graphic design.

       5. Receive the materials at the appointed time and place.

Documents to download 

  1. The Request for promotional materials
  2. The Order – necessary only in the case of ordering a printout of non-standard promotional materials or advertisements. The following information must be included in the Order:
    • type of the material,
    • quantity,
    • cost,
    • signature and stamp in the “Ordering Party” and “Confirmation of funds by the unit administering the funds” fields.