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Internal procedure for students

Internal procedure for students regarding the documents to be submitted prior to the defense and the course of the diploma examination conducted in a stationary form (Katowice campus)

  1. The Student sends by e-mail (from the account in the domain) to the Supervisor:
    • a file with the thesis (with a remark in the e-mail that this is the final version of the thesis) saved according to the rules of the Rector's Order No. 43/19 in Microsoft Word 97-2003 (*.doc) or Microsoft Word (.docx) format; the file name should be as follows: and form of program (in lowercase)[1]. With declaration concerning the authorship of the thesis (placed after the title page)[2]. NOTE: The file size should not exceed 10 MB,
  2. In the event that any of the documents sent to the Supervisor contains formal errors, it will be necessary to correct them.
  3. The thesis is verified by the Supervisor in the Uniform Antiplagiarism System.
  4. After sending the thesis to a Supervisor, the Student submits to the Dean's Office (room 316 A) within 4 days (in an original, paper form):
  5. The Supervisor inform the Student about the date of defense and the number of the room in which it will be held.
  6. The diploma examination is conducted in an oral form before a Commission appointed by the Dean. The chair of the Commission may verify the Student's identity (on the basis of the student ID card, or if there is none, on the basis of the ID card or passport).
  7. During the diploma examination the Student is asked three questions related to the diploma thesis.
  8. After the diploma examination the Student receives a certificate confirming the completion of studies.
  9. Within 30 days from the date of graduation, the University issues to the Graduate the diploma along with a supplement and two copies of each of those documents.
    After 30 days from the date of the defense, the Graduate makes an appointment to collect the diploma by phone or e-mail at the department of thesis defense and alumni services.
    A Graduate may submit an application for a copy of the diploma together with a supplement in a foreign language, issued free of charge instead of one copy of the diploma and supplement in Polish. The deadline for submitting the application is the day of the defense. If the application is submitted after the date of the defense, a fee of PLN 40 will be charged (PLN 20 for the diploma, PLN 20 for the supplement, paid to the individual account of the student- graduate). The application together with a proof of payment should be submitted to the department of thesis defense and alumni services.


[1] E.g. kowalski.jan.1s.msg (degree and form of education are: 1s, 2s for full-time studies, and 1n, 2n for part-time studies; please use the same study program abbreviation as provided in the Virtual University

[2] In the declaration on personal data processing all data must be completed, a signature is not required. The signed original document should be submitted to the Dean's Office.

[3] Confirmation from the University Library: a stamp on the clearance slip or an e-mail (from the address: confirming that you don't have any obligations towards the University Library (e-mail confirmation from the University Library should be printed on the second page of the clearance slip)

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