Theatre of Silesia

Situated in Katowice, the Stanisław Wyspiański Theatre of Silesia is the largest drama scene in Upper Silesia. The theatre building, designed by architect Carl Moritz and opened in 1907, was for the first 15 years used by German theatre. After restoration of Silesia to Poland, in October 1922 the building started being used by the Polish Theatre of Katowice.

The Silesian Museum

The Museum was established in 1929. At the present the museum's collection includes over 75 thousand items, including a valuable collection of Polish paintings (233 works). In 2013-2014 the museum is scheduled for moving to a new building that is being built in the area of the former "Katowice" mine in Bogucice. The complex will include e.g. two shaft towers and a machine room from 19th century.

Festival Ars Cameralis

Since 1992 in November the city of Upper Silesia has turned into a true Polish cultural center - Festival Ars Cameralis. The annual event is a series of exhibitions, concerts, performances and literary events. For a few autumn weeks theaters, clubs and concert halls host the largest stars of jazz, folk, rock varieties, photography and painting.

Rondo Sztuki Gallery

The Gallery was built in 2007. The management of its artistic activities has been entrusted to the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The gallery presents the most interesting artistic achievements of Polish and foreign artists (graphic art, sculpture, photography and performance).

The Silesian Philharmonic Orchestra

The Silesian Philharmonic was created in 1945. Its musicians have performed on almost all continents. Apart from classical music, the Philharmonic performs works of contemporary Polish composers.

Katowice Street Art Festival

Every year the streets of the city and the walls of old houses are transformed into the murals by guests of the festival. As the organizers say, street art is the ability to contribute to the city. This event is an attempt to break the inhabitants of everyday life, and to encourage continued exploration of what is seemingly familiar.

The Silesian Library

The Silesian Library holds a status of the main regional public library in the Śląskie (Silesian) Voivodeship. This is why the Library provides help and exercises substantive supervision over activities of the network of public libraries in the Śląskie Voivodeship (815 central and branch libraries).

The Museum of Katowice History

The Museum of Katowice History was established in 1983. It has over 100 thousand exhibits, including documents, photos, paintings, furnishing and utensils of everyday use. The museum presents constant exhibitions "History of Katowice 1299-1990" and "In a Bourgeois Tenement House".