Spodek (the Saucer)

Katowice Spodek (Saucer) is the one of the most famous and recognizable architectural buildings in the world. Its Polish name translates into English as a synonym of "spaceship" (its shape resembles UFO). It hosts many important cultural, sport and business events.

Mariacka Street

Mariacka Street is a iconic meeting place for young people. Every weekend concerts, theatrical performances, film screenings are held. The artists present their projects on the boardwalk.


The miners' housing estate in Nikiszowiec (built 1920-1924) is a place that best illustrates the Silesian culture. Commonly called "Nikisz", it is a unique example of housing estate with its own bakery, shops, school and church. In the near future Nikiszowiec is going to obtain the status of a historical monument.

Gwiazdy Estate

One of the characteristic part of Katowice is Stars Estate, which was built in 70's. The estate includes 7 skycrapers, each 81 m tall. All buildings were built on a plan of eight-sided star, this is why the estate is popular called the Stars.

Valley of Three Ponds

Valley of Three Ponds (Dolina Trzech Stawów) is the most popular recreation area in Katowice. One pond is a place for bathing, another is reserved for water sports, and several are available for fishing. The park area is also full of marked trails, making it a popular place for running, cycling, hiking, sledding in winter, picnicking and generally relaxing.

Kukurydze Estate

In the north-western part of Katowice you can find the "Tysiąclecie" Estate which were built in 60'. Three tallest are 87 m tall. The characteristic curved balconies make the buildings actually look like corn cobs.


Was established in the years 1906-1910 as a residential district for families of miniers employed at the "Giesche" Coal Mine (now "Wieczorek" Coal Mine). It is a place in south-eastern part of Katowice located 6 km from the city center..

Silesia Park

Silesia Park in Chorzów is an unsurpassed oasis of green in the heart of Silesian agglomeration in Poland’s most highly industrialised region. For more than 60 years, recreational walkers and tourists as well as those wanting to spend their leisure time more actively, have all been able to enjoy what the park has to offer.

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