Who can apply for the disability scholarship?

The disability scholarship may be granted to a student holding one of the following certificates:

  1. disability certificate;
  2. degree of disability certificate;
  3. certificate of being included in a certain disability group;
  4. certificate issued by a ZUS practitioner (ZUS - Polish Social Insurance Institution) of complete incapacity for work, or incapacity for independent living or partial incapacity for work.    

Disability scholarship - notes

In the event that the student applies for the disability scholarship during an academic year, they shall receive the aid from the month of submitting the application with an appropriate certificate.

When the degree of disability certificate is no longer valid, the aid is discontinued from the month following the month wherein the certificate lost its validity. In the event of submitting a valid certificate, whose validity begins directly after the previous certificate lost its validity and certifies that the same disability continues, the aid shall be paid under a new decision    

Disability scholarship - required documents

Disability scholarship - download documents