Graduate's Profile

On completion of the Finance and Accounting for Business programme the Graduate is well prepared to undertake employment in the financial and accounting departments. He or she is capable of making independent financial decisions and effective performing the tasks assigned within financial accounting of units conducting business and social activity.

In particular the Graduate display contemporary knowledge adjusted to the requirements of the European labour market in areas such as:

  • Financial markets and institutions activity and associated instruments
  • Holding investment profitability account
  • Making tax decision
  • Managing and limiting financial risk
  • Investing in capital market

The Graduate understands the principles of corporate financial management based on CSR. He or she is able to collect data in the financial accounting system, understands the principles of developing financial statements and is able to exercise information included for  decision making process of business and managerial character. The Graduate is skilled in IT tools for corporate financial decision making process and recording and analysing financial information. He or she demonstrates skills in selecting and utilising opportunities within implemented corporate competitiveness strategy.

Job opportunities

Business and finance related departments:

  • Financial
  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • Business analysis

Types of prospective employers:

  • Financial institutions:

    • Banks
    • Insurance companies
    • Investment funds
    • Leasing and factoring companies

  • International companies outsourcing within finance and accounting (growing market in Silesian region!)
  • Sole Proprietor