Graduate's Profile

The graduate in general should display comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a complex and specialised area, demonstrate expertise in highly specialised and advanced research, technical, communication and professional skills as appropriate, conduct research or advanced technical or professional activity, design and apply appropriate research methodologies, communicate results of research to peers in an appropriate manner, accept accountability and perform independently including the use of supervision.

The graduate's profile is being characterized by the programme learning outcomes. On completion of the programme, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of the processes of change in European business environment.
  • Recognize the major trends that have occurs over recent years in the globalization and regionalization of industries and markets.
  • Demonstrate the contemporary knowledge of the major financial and accounting theories and the conceptual frameworks in the context of globalisation and European integration.
  • Enable the critical understanding of the impact of the "European integrated financial area" on the financial management function in the context of the major EU enlargement.
  • Develop important managerial competencies, analytical, linguistic, research and interpretative skills with particular reference to European business and finance.
  • Utilise independent research and interpretative skills and accept accountability in undertaking assignments applied to European business and finance.