For Authors

The rules for accepting and publishing texts

  • The authors submit manuscripts electronically. The manuscript must comply with the editorial and technical requirements published on the website of ‘Studia Ekonomiczne’ (SE website).
  • If the paper doesn't meet requirements mentioned above, it is rejected.
  • Papers are published in Polish, or the congress languages. Articles shall be sent electronically to the SE e-mail address.
  • The papers should not be shorter than 0.5 publisher’s sheet and not longer than 1.0 publisher’s sheet.
  • The manuscripts approved for publication are submitted at the Publishing House of the University of Economics,which has the right to proofread, shorten or adjust the text and evaluate the illustrative material sent.
  • The authors of publications are required to disclose the contribution of specific co-authors to the publication.
  • Any discovered cases of violation and infringement of the rules of ethics in science and forms of scientific misconduct, such as ghostwriting and guest authorship, will be disclosed and the relevant entities (such as institutions employing the authors, scientific societies, science editors' associations, etc.) will be notified accordingly.
  • In case of discovering fraud after publication, the relevant information will be published on the website, and the article will be retracted.
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  • The articles published in the journal are available under the Creative Commons License.
    Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.
    Some rights are reserved to the University of Economics in Katowice.