For Reviewers

Both the reviewer and the author of the article are obliged to perform their duties (i.e. the reviewer shall write the review, whereas the author of the article shall address the presented review) in a diligent, reliable and timely manner.
The peer review process is consistent with the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education described in the leaflet entitled ‘Good practice in review procedures in science’ (Warsaw 2011).


Review procedure

  1. The Editorial Committee verifies the article with regard to the content and form.
  2. Two independent reviewers from outside the University of Economics in Katowice write the review in accordance with the following rules:

    • the author and the reviewers do not know each other’s identities (the so-called double-blind review process)
    • the review is written on the review form, Download form
    • the review is positive in case when none of the evaluated elements was rated as ‘insufficient’.

  3. The article will be published subject to obtaining two positive reviews.
  4. In justified cases, the article can be handed over for third review.
  5. The Editorial Committee decides whether the article will be published in a particular journal issue.



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