Foreign Languages Center

Foreign Languages Center was established in 1998. The Centre teaches English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian. Students are grouped according to their proficiency levels:

  • elementary
  • lower intermediate
  • intermediate
  • upper intermediate
  • advanced.

The Centre’s objectives are:

  • to prepare the students for functioning in the united Europe by teaching them languages (English,  French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian), as well as instructing them in the economies, politics, culture, legislation and customs of the target language-speaking countries;
  • to equip the students, who will be working in trade, industry and services (e. g. banking, insurance, social services), with high-level competence in at least two foreign languages;
  • to assure the employers that the language qualifications obtained at the Centre for Foreign Languages are a synonym of professionalism and competence;
  • to familiarize the students with economic, political and cultural issues in the countries of the languages taught, with special emphasis put on the EU member states.

Head: Jolanta Łącka-Badura, Ph.D.

ul. bp Adamskiego 7, Katowice
Building N, Room 310
Tel.: +48 32 257 7790
Tel./Fax: +48 32 257 7786