Alumni about us

Are you thinking about study abroad? These are good reasons to come to Poland and choose University of Economics in Katowice.


Prestigious university with new ideas and old tradition

For each of us it is important to find your place in life. Don't be afraid to take a risk and realise your dreams. I dared to and I became a student of University of Economics in Katowice. I don't regret, this choice opened for me a lot of possibilities.

Located in one of the most rapidly developing Polish metropolises

The world converge in Katowice... Imagine a world of many cultures but one language, a world of many possibilities but one choice, a world of different traditions but one voice, a world of sharing, a world of friendship, a world of millions of smiles... In this world I have been and experienced.

High – quality courses, dedicated professors and many international students create a great learning environment

It was a pleasure to study at UE Katowice. There are not so many students per class, and the direct relations between the teachers and the students can be built quickly. The methods and content of the university courses allow the foreign students to get a global overview of the economy using specific examples.

Extensive Social Programme prepared for all international students

I loved the Integration Week during which we got to know the region and city, especially Global Village – one of the greatest international evens I ever took part in!

Central location in Europe, convenient train and plane connection with many countries

[…] Katowice is also a good starting place to travel to the most beautiful capitals in this part of Europe (short distances, direct plane and train connections). I myself visited Budapest, Prague, Vienna and Berlin! So, as you can see, I definitely had the time of my life here!!!

Excellent and modern facilities

Computer Center, free access to wireless internet, weel-equipped library. Moreover I can’t wait for opening The Center for New Information Technologies. The project looks impressive.

Sport is an important aspect of my life.

The university offers me a big range of possibilities. I can use i.e. the gym, climbing wall, swimming pool and sauna.

Mentor and pick up service for all incoming students

My mentor contacted me by email before my arrival and picked me up from the airport. She was my “guardian angel” whenever needed, she helped me in everyday matters at the university and in Katowice. Now she is one of my best friends.