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A Practical Guide to Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English / Research Seminar Days 5th Ed.

Dr Katalin Vargáné Kiss will present the main rules of writing a good scientific article in English, taking into account linguistic issues. Writing high-quality scientific papers takes time, but it is time well invested. Many scientific papers fail to properly present research work to the audience. The emphasis is put on the authors not on the readers – the motivation for the research is unclear, often unnecessary details are included or the authors try to impress the readers rather than inform them. Effective scientific papers, in contrast, are interesting and useful to many readers, including newcomers to the field. The workshop will help you write better scientific articles in English: select and organize your content, draft your paper, and revise your writing.

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Katedra Finansów Przedsiębiorstw i Ubezpieczeń Gospodarczych, Katedra Inwestycji
wto, maj 11, 2021 o 10:00
wto, maj 11, 2021 o 12:00